Ageing ‘star’ Rihanna has thrown out an informed and idiotic tweet to fake news CNN asking why the fake farmer protests are not being covered in the news.

Rihanna, like other so-called celebs have no clue about India or it’s history yet they feel like they need to become paid trolls.

Rihanna is a school drop out and is probably unable to pinpoint India on the map.

Gawar in every sense related to this tweet, Rihanna is has become the biggest butt of jokes among Indians.

Years ago during a photo shoot at a farm, Rihanna was asked to put some clothes on by a farmer. [Rihanna told to cover up by farmer in Ireland] Apparently she thinks that she knows all about farmers and their struggles from that photo shoot.

Rihanna is an idiot and Indians echo Kangana’s sentiments — “sit down you fool.”

Image: Pintrest

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