Allegations have surfaced against Kerala’s Muslim Youth League state general secretary P K Firoz that he has siphoned off funds collected by donations in the name of sensational rape cases in Kathua (J&K) and Unnao (U.P).

Former member of the Muslim Youth League National Committee, Yusuf Padanilam has levelled allegations against Firoz and CK Subair.

Notably, funds were collected from the public including in mosques claiming it would be utilised for providing protection to the families of the victims and legal support for Kathua and Unnao cases.

Crores of rupees were collected without any recorded data. Whistleblower Yusuf said, Rs 15 lakh from this fund was used to pay off Firoz’s debts and Subair used the funds for his personal pleasure trips to North India.

Yusuf also added that he was being threatened to conceal the information. Many IUML leaders including PK Kunhlikutty had raised the issue.

Firoz had promised to solve the issue within six months but to no avail. Hence, Yusuf said he brought out in open for public awareness. 

The Muslim Federation of Punjab is in charge of charity for the Kathua and Unnao cases.

Notably, The Muslim Federation of Punjab provided Langar for protesting farmers in the Singhu Border.

These fundamentalist Islamic organizations along with the aid of leftist media in India has spread fake news to provoke sentiments against Hindus and Hinduism, especially in the infamous questionable Kathua rape and muder case of a young 8 year old nomad girl in Kathua, Jammu.

The whole Kathua case seems to be fabricated to frame a Hindu family in Kathua whose patriarch Sanji Ram, an ex-patwari, was at the forefront of spreading awareness among Hindus to not leave their rural property in Jammu border areas unattended nor to sell it to non-Hindus as the jihadis of Kashmir with their Pakistani friends are intent on changing the demography of Jammu.

The money collected by these rabid Islamist organizations in the name of victims are misappropriated for personal payments of debts and pleasure. Teesta Setalvad is also charged for embezzling funds collected in the name of welfare of Gujarat riot victims by using it to buy wine, spend it for hair dressing in expensive salons, buying designer handbags etc. So, these people seem to run a cottage industry of collecting funds by spreading lies and hatred against Hindus and later misuse the funds for personal use.


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