Sankranti is a crucial time when celestial bodies shift from one zodiac sign to another—a sort of cosmic transition, if you will.

Traditionally, many of us observed Makar Sankranti on January 14th. However, an interesting shift has occurred, and now it aligns with January 15th until the year 2081.

– Makar Sankranti marks the sun’s journey from Dhanu Rashi (Sagittarius) to Makar Rashi (Capricorn).

– ⁠Astrologers note a 20-minute annual delay in this transition.

– ⁠Over three years, this accumulates to an hour, and across 72 years, it rounds up to a full 24 hours.

– ⁠After 4 PM, we enter Sandhyakala (evening), and according to Indian astrology, any sun-related calculations start fresh from the next day post this time.

Since 2008, Makar Sankranti has elegantly landed on January 15th. Despite the lack of a sunset, many continued to celebrate it on January 14th.

Zooming into 2023, Sankranti’s precise time was 9:35 PM on January 14th. The sun set, making January 15th the auspicious day for Makar Sankranti. During 2024, the auspicious time for Sankranti lies between 7:35 am and 5:46 pm.

From 2008 to 2080, the cosmic spotlight shines on January 15th for Makar Sankranti. Post-2081, a celestial shift moves it to January 16th. Yet, some might adhere to the January 15th celebration for a few additional years.

Astrologically, Sankranti’s date doesn’t sync with lunar months. Its calculations align with Western methodologies.

In a 72-year astrological cycle, Sankranti gains a day.

In 275 years it dazzled on December 21st, and now it graces January 15th.

From 1935 to 2008, Makar Sankranti chose January 14th, and pre-1935, it favored January 13th for a full 72-year cycle.

It is additionally important to take a bath before eating anything on Makar Sankranti, so we should ensure all the kids and adults follow this without fail specially on this day.

It is considered auspicious to make Khichdi, offer jaggery and

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