The change in Political spectrum in Italy, Hungary, Austria, Denmark, Belgium etc is not an ordinary happening. The right wing political leadership has challenged the left leaning Socialist democrat and has also emerged victorious. The emergence of Nationalism is visible. National Identity based on ethnicity, culture and history are becoming regular and routine in political discourse. Changes set to certainly causing distrust and anxious moments to migrant dominated pluralistic society.

Is Europe changing from Pluralisms, and if yes why?

Led by Germany and France, the Left leaning Socialist had continued and wider control on European social discourse.  Europe allowed African and Muslim migrant populations to settle and acquire political rights. Subsidy and freebies at the cost of State exchequer were normalized. Religious and ethnic identities were ignored. More recently, war in Syria and Afghanistan brought numerous refugees through the porous border of Greece and Italy. Of course active collusion of Turkey in this regard cannot be ignored.

The cyclical turn of state economics and rise in energy price weakened the State control. The refugees arriving from war ravaged nations were too radicalized and opinionated. Crime against women especially rape, murder and other violence caused social faultiness’ which were nonexistent earlier. Countries like Belgium, Sweden and England reported massive rise in crime due to Muslim immigrants.

Emergences of right wing voices were not planned but spontaneous. Generations who forgot the pride of Balkan state, the state adventure of Ivan the Russian Czar and the cultural revival of Spain against the Ottoman started revisiting the event and found it inspiring.

Balkan states have not forgotten the murderous assault and cultural invasion by Ottoman. So are Greece, Spain and Portuguese. But equally important were their revenge and resurrection. The identity of the original population is finding a bigger voice in social discourse now. States who could associate themselves with such cultural pride were first to respond to these social narratives. Right wing political successes are still at an initial stage.

Bigger nations like France, Germany and England are indecisive at the moment. Which way? A social conflict and street level disturbance are bringing the inpatient locals on to one platform.


Nationalism is not a bad idea. But if that arises on the demise of pluralism, it is certainly going to be bloody and vengeful. State will re-acquire its rights. Migrants will have to either leave or fall in cultural Unisom.

Changes in Europe have been historically revolutionary and violent. Every Country has witnessed this. Balkan states have had their notorious share before the 1st World War.

Restoring social order and respect to ethical and cultural identity is key to peace. If the state restores it, well and good. But if ​anarchist within the ​state enforces it, Europe would no longer be a paradise for plural society.

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