There has been news of a deadly attack on a youth in Maharashtra for supporting Nupur Sharma. The name of the victim youth is Prateek Pawar alias Sunny. According to reports, some Muslim surrounded Prateek and attacked him fatally and also spit on his face.The attackers assumed him as dead and left. At present, Prateek is undergoing treatment. The incident is of 4 August 2022.This incident was carried out in Karjat of Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. The matter came to light when Maharashtra BJP MLA Nitesh Rane told about the attack in a press conference on Saturday. According to Rane, Prateek has got 35 stitches and is fighting for his life. He claimed that Prateek was attacked because of Nupur Sharma’s DP.

According to the report of ABP News, 23-year-old Prateek and his friend Amit Mane were going to Karjat on August 4. They were waiting for their friends near Akkabai Chowk, when 12 to 14 Muslim youths came there in a white colored Swift car, black colored bullet, red colored Pulsar and a white colored scooty. These young men surrounded him. As per as reports muslim men threatened Prateek and said ” Tumhe Hindutva ka bada keeda hai. Tum lagatar Nupur Sharma aur Kanhaiyalal ke samarthan mein posts aur status laga rahe jo. Tere karan kai aur log samarthan karne lage hai. Tera bhi umesh kolhe karna padega.”

It is noteworthy that Umesh Kolhe was murdered on 21 June 2022 in Amravati, Maharashtra for supporting Nupur Sharma. ABP report states that in the FIR registered regarding the attack on Prateek Prawar, it has been said that after a heated argument Shahrukh Khan Pathan attacked Prateek with a deadly attack. When Prateek tried to defend, the sword hit his hand. After this, Nihal Khan Pathan and Sohail Khan Pathan hit Pratik on the head from behind. Due to this he fell down and blood started pouring from his head. Even in this condition they kept attacking Prateek till he fainted.So far there is news of the arrest of 4 accused in this case.

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