The Maharashtra Environment Ministry has taken a tough stand on the illegal studio built by Congress leader and former cabinet minister Aslam Shaikh on the seaside in Madh-Marve area. BMC and District Magistrate have been ordered to take strict action against these illegal studios from the ministry. Recently, Aslam Sheikh had also met Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.

  • Former cabinet minister Aslam Sheikh’s troubles have increased
  • Aslam Sheikh accused of building illegal studios worth 1000 crores
  • Maharashtra Environment Ministry has ordered action
  • Aslam Sheikh had met Fadnavis a few days back

The troubles of former Maharashtra cabinet minister and Congress leader Aslam Shaikh seems to be increasing. The Maharashtra Environment Ministry has issued a notice against him. Apart from this, the Mumbai Collector and BMC have been instructed to take strict action. Let us tell you that Sheikh has been accused of studio scam of one thousand crore rupees in Madh-Marve area of ​​Malvani. According to BJP leader Kirit Somaiya, Aslam Sheikh had got the illegal studio constructed by following the rules of the environment. Now action on these has been ordered by the government. According to Kirit Somaiya, bulldozers can run on them soon.

What did Kirit Somaiya say?

BJP leader and former MP Kirit Somaiya has targeted Aslam Sheikh. He said that the Aslam Sheikh Mitra family has illegally built illegal studios worth one thousand crore rupees on the seashore in Madh-Marve area. Which can prove to be dangerous for the environment. In such a situation, the Maharashtra Environment Ministry has ordered action against him. In such a situation, BMC’s bulldozer can run on these illegal studios soon.

Aslam Shaikh met Fadnavis

Former cabinet minister Aslam Shaikh suddenly came into the limelight a few days ago. Actually he was seen going in a car with BJP leader Mohit Kamboj. It was later learned that he had met Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis along with Kamboj. Since this meeting, there was speculation that Aslam Sheikh may also join BJP soon. However, no statement came from his side on this issue.

During that time it was also being said that ED can also take action against Aslam Sheikh. Perhaps this is the reason why he has met Fadnavis. However, now it has come to the fore that Aslam Sheikh has done a big scam by making illegal studios worth 1000 crores.

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