He had a very dirty habit, he was ruining everything and thought of Hindutva. Thought of Hindus.


You would have known about him, his name was KamleshTiwari, heard it right, his “name was” is no longer there. He was the national president of the Hindu SamaJ Party, he had a very dirty habit, he was ruining everything and thought of Hindutva, thought of Hindus and took the issue of RamMandir.

Many times hungry thirsty, used to run in the street of the city of Ayodhya with his supporters. For the promotion of Hindutva, many times during the transportation, his car did not even have diesel money, but even then he didn’t lose any courage.

Were of a very tender heart but his intentions strong like rock But someone had said abusive word to RSS, Which he replied but his name had to suffer the consequences and he was murdered in religious style by strangulation, even if They wanted in broad daylight, killers could have shot him.

They strangled the pattern of ISI so that the people fighting for
H!ndutva would get scared. There is no words for Kamlesh Tiwari ji, even from Prime Minister Narendramodi Ji
who speaks for Jihadi Thief Tabrez Ansari.

This thing will always remain regret for his whole life. And the people who picked up “Axe” on a little thing, the people who dropped the government for Vikas Dubey were very quiet at that time, they were probably scared of religious people.

As long as we remain alive, considering them as idols, Hindutva will continue to move with the same ideology to stay him alive.

Wherever you live, lifelong will be immortal in our hearts.

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