Following the murder of Sadhu Vijaydas, who self-immolated in protest against the state’s inaction against illicit mining, the Rajasthan government of Ashok Gehlot has come under scrutiny. Sadhu Vijaydas self-immolated in protest after the Rajasthani government disregarded the sadhu community’s demand that their sacred land be protected from unauthorised mining for more than 550 days. Political discussion both inside and outside of the ruling Congress party has been sparked by the passing of Sadhu Vijaydas. A committee has been established by BJP President JP Nadda to look into illegal mining and the suicide of Sadhu Vijaydas. While this is going on, Congress MLA Bharat Singh has also written to CM Ashok Gehlot to demand the dismissal of Mines Minister Pramod Bhaya for allegedly shielding illegal mining.

Arun Singh, the party’s national general secretary and state coordinator, Swami Sumedhanand Saraswati, former Union minister and MP Satyapal Singh, and Brijlal Yadav, a former director general of the Uttar Pradesh police, are all members of the committee that JP Nadda appointed. This team will visit the terrible incident’s scene in Bharatpur on Sunday to collect data. In the upcoming weeks, the results will be presented. In order to protest unlawful mining, Baba Vijaydas attempted self-immolation at Deeg, Bharatpur, but passed away in a Delhi hospital. On July 20, Sadhu Vijaydas made an attempt at suicide while protests against unlawful mining in a place that was sacred to the villagers were taking place.

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