How Cynical Editors Exploit Disturbed Women To Throw Poo At Their Own.


June 7, 2021

The Los Angeles Times has in recent times served well as a Southern California branch of the South China Morning Post. About on par with The Guardian of England, and far below National Enquirer in the USA. Even by their standards of journalistic ethics, the “Op Ed” that appeared on June 5 titled: “Op-Ed: Living and dying with COVID in India’s caste system” was a low point. But judge for yourself.

Biting the Hand That Fed

“A hospital in Patna, India, was ready to eject a COVID-19 patient to admit my uncle, whose oxygen level had dipped. But through our family connections with local politicians and senior bureaucrats, we got a bed for my uncle at another hospital. Once he was admitted, half a dozen doctors started to stabilize him.”

And one sentence later comes this gem of editorial excellence: “Last year’s stringent lockdown across India largely protected — by the government’s design — people with connections, nouveau nationalists, Muslim-bashers, well-off high-caste Hindus.”

Mona Mohan is welcome to her sweeping generalization rants from her view of her own relatives. Those who paid to educate her in “privileged” schools. And an extravagant wedding that probably wasted enough money and food to have fed a hundred families for a year. Family phone calls every day across the world so she could jot down quotes to use in her Writing Career to back-stab those who loved her.

But what about the Editors who published that blatant lie about the Government of India Designing to protect some citizens and abandon others? That practically yells: “South China Morning Post” in its sheer blatant dishonesty and racism. Or transposed guilt from what the People’s Liberation Army has been doing in Xinjiang to the Muslim Uighurs.

As the author and her editors intended, I do indeed “Get the Point”, so I will leave it to the reader to enjoy the rest of the article. These Editors and their proteges freely slander us, people of color, who do our very best to survive, to keep up democracy and freedom despite the worst that these villains do to us.

Then again, let’s see that statement again: So the lockdown in India was only intended to protect privileged classes, huh? Some of us might translate the bratty tantrums of Mona Mohan to understand: “protect those who respected and obeyed the law of the land”.

I considered the motives of the author, and it was apparent that pity was in order. She claims to be a Writer, so we sought to read her extensive prior gems. We found a grand total of 1. It turns out, by her own published account, that at least until 2018 she professed to be a single mother. From the timeline that I could figure, her privileged marriage with all the pomp and extravagance of an Indian High-Ranking Bureaucrat family wedding, crashed in flames at the first hint of trouble: looks like her hubby, who had got her a Green Card and a daughter, was tossed out like a used diaper when he fell on hard times, probably in the 2002 recession. That gem went on to relate (reading between the lines..) how in the middle of a nasty child custody battle, she tried, presumably without informing her lawyer because no such entity is mentioned at all, to whisk her child out of the country to southern India. Why? Because “Not only was I born and brought up there, but I had the family support I’d need during my stay there.” At the last minute, presumably to satisfy the letter of Court dictates, she “informed” her husband, citing some excuse about getting medical treatment for the child in India. The poor fellow prayed to the Judge. Authorities took her child away a few hours before she left the country (my guess), and Hizzoner offered a straight deal: Surrender your passport if you want to retain temorary custody of the child. A sharp lesson that her family tradition of scofflaw behavior would not pass everywhere. An “aha!” moment in Personal Responsibility, probably the first in her privileged life where her relatives could not cover her scofflaw stunts with bribes. Knowledgeable readers pointed out several inconsistencies in Mona’s article, wondered as loud as they could about the veracity of the account and asked respectfully for more evidence to back her claims of Official Cruelty, which of course brought only shrill abuse, and no response from the author. Q.E.D.

So this was whom the LATimes’ Editors cynically chose to sell out her own relatives as she (figuratively) spat (to use genteel terms) upwards and (figuratively) threw poo at her motherland and relatives. Perhaps by now she is a US Citizen (apparently she did win Custody, or the child turned 18) and feels compelled to display this ugly trait of some of her adopted nationality. Sneer at other people, especially Colored people who encounter misfortune. “MUTTUOA” (more Ugly than the Ugliest Of American traits). But much more likely, this was a “Lifafa”, a Pakistani term for their journalists who write command performance for the “envelope”. Must be a bit more than just 30 pieces of silver these days.

What else makes Mona Mohan expert enough on the second Wave of COVID-19 in India, to have an Op-Ed published in a notorious American urban rag? She lives in Houston, Texas!! Her profession, other than selling out her mother(land) is as an “IT professional”, nothing to do with medicine, infectious diseases, public policy, crematoria, rivers, sandy burial grounds etc etc. She hasn’t won the Booker Prize unlike Dr. Arundhati Roy, who has recently professed expertise on Pandemics. No indication that she has been to India anytime recently. She claims she is all set to rush heroically to save her (corrupt) relatives in Patna but will the (murderous Hindu Nationalist) Indian government allow her? ? Nooo!!

She closes: “Where will our dead loved ones end up — at cremation grounds or in the Ganges, tossed into the river or buried in a sand pit?” er… sorry to ask the obvious: How does it matter, dear, if one is already polluting the Earth so much with one’s “output”? At least there won’t be so much oxygen wasted?


Interestingly, the same kind, supportive relatives who were going to take such good care of her as a single mother in 2003, are now cast as the corrupt, petty, utterly selfish tribe of privileged queue-jumping Muslim-Hating faux Patriots whom she slams in her LATimes OpEd. Hmmm! Doesn’t that say a lot more about the LATimes, that they would use such an author? Pity the woman, she must need money very badly to be willing to do this for a few dollars more. Let us show her a bit of what she is so empty: Empathy. Compassion.

The LA Times OpEd brought the usual slew of brainless Twits forwarding her piece with applause. Not surprisingly, Yahoo! who republished this wonderful article, had this even more Alice-in-Wonderland statement at the end: “Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting.”

Because reading the insights of thoughtful readers is so inconvenient?

Now for some real stories of real people.

On April 28 came this news, but then on April 29 the Indian Express’ Editors questioned its veracity – after all, it flies in the face of what they read from their fair-skinned Masters in the West! Since it was still published again on April 30, I assume that it stood up to that challenge. Of course this news article is also a backhanded “compliment” in that it cites the High Court blaming the System, but if the Court recognizes the story that’s good enough for me.

“Nagpur-based RSS Swayamsevak Narayan Dabhadkar had voluntarily given up his hospital bed for a younger patient on April 22 amid a shortage of beds in the state due to the upsurge in COVID-19 cases. The octogenarian felt that he had ‘lived long enough’ while the other patient had little children to take care of. Both his family and doctors urged him to continue his treatment at the hospital, but Dabhadkar was adamant and he signed a consent form forfeiting his bed. the RSS worker returned home to continue his treatment but died three days later.”


And from Assom state in Northeast India, not very far from Bihar of Mona Mohan’s expertise, comes this horror story, with video and all, reported on RT.Com. A young doctor in a government hospital came out to convey the sad news that a patient had died – and was beaten to death by a mob of 24 of the patient’s friends and relatives. And it so happens that they (I mean the murderers) were all of the Muslim faith, of course let me repeat the well-known dictum that Islam Is A Religion Of Peace. But I wonder how this gels with Mona Mohan’s assertion, passed by the Editors of the LA Times, that the Indian government does not protect or allow Muslims in hospitals.

And while Mona Mohan was holding the phone breathlessly to get more poo to throw at her relatives and motherland for a few dollars more, real people in Houston were busy. Sewa International was scrambling to collect mechanical ventilators, oxygen generators and funds to send to India urgently. AIM for Seva were loading loading crates of ventilators and O2 generators at Atlanta airport. Sewa Bharathi in India has been tirelessly helping people in their neighborhoods with food, transportation, medicines.

I don’t expect to find any of that in the Los Angeles Times. Or CNN. Let alone their mothership the South China Post. But here’s a thought for you. What was the LA Times Editors’ point of getting such an obviously distressed person to write such vicious falsehoods? It is classic South China Post gloating: “Your soldiers whipped our butts at Doklam, and Galwan, and Pangong Tso and Arunachal. But we GOT YOU in Delhi and Patna on the Second Wave, didn’t we? Your aged relatives, your defenceless civilians, those you love. nanananana!!

The suspicion is growing into a certainty…and as Mona Mohan says: GET THE POINT?

As of this writing, New Cases in India are below 90,000 per day. Vaccinations are racing at 3.3 million a day. And we Coloreds will win against the sneering genocidal racists again.

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