If life makes you Rahul, never be Rahul Gandhi. Today Rahul Gandhi has proved to be one of the most non-intelligent politician of recent times. Perhaps even the team which INC appoints to see social media contents seems to be one among worst line-ups. Today he tweeted the video of the PM Narendra Modi explaining how water can be extracted from the Wind Turbines mentioning it as a goof-up.

But the fact is that the the process of extracting water from wind-turbines is age old.

World has been using this for over fourteen decades.

According to a research paper published in 2017 the process is called “Extraction of water from air systems” or EWAS. It states that the systems for extract water from air basically are wind machines which extracts water molecules from the atmosphere, making a change phase from water vapor to liquid water. The fraction of water that can be present as vapor mainly depends on the temperature . The excess of vapor can be collected by a natural way (i.e. dew collection ) or investing some type of energy (i.e. PV solar or wind energy ). The EWAS can extract air humidity by a three stage processes: absorption of humidity on a
solid desiccant (or with a selective membranes), desorption of the water to vapor at moderate heat (between 65 Degree Celsius and 85 Degree Celsius) and condensation with a passive condenser connected to a heat pump.

Three basic types of evaporators have been used for made this process possible: surface cooling by a heat pump or radiative cooling, water vapor concentration by desiccants and convection induced/controlled in structure. The energy demanded to collect the moistness from the air and convert it into liquid water (2450 J/ml) limits the evaporators’ use for irrigation to coastal locations with access to seawater for the condensation process. The theoretical minimum energy requirement to condense water vapor out of the air and to produce one cubic meter of fresh water is equal to 681 kWh/m3 . This electromechanical energy is mainly used in compressors, pumps and fans. This was a
limiting for the use of this kind of EWAS in the early years.

Indian National Congress and its people need to work hard on upgrading their understanding than boasting around the lie that IIT etc were result of Nehru’s Vision.

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