Pakistan’s 3 time PM and now an absconding criminal as declared by Pakistan’s high court has gone full throttle against the Pakistan current ruling govt. from his 1st  public speech in 3 years, Nawaz Sharif targeted current government on issues like economy, unemployment, price inflation well at first all this sounds like a regular opposition speech guess what, NO this speech has initiated a much larger debate in our Neighbour. Reason for that is 3 time PM Nawaz Sharif in his recent speech accused Pakistani Military of  Rigging the election and installing Imran Khan as “SELECTED” Prime Minister this is the first time an active mainstream politician in Pakistan has targeted military directly

Addressing a public Gathering of PDM from London Nawaz Sharif directly blamed the Military Establishment for the current situation in Pakistan which as per him is due to the failure of selected Imran Khan government. while targeting the military he put the question why Military doesn’t want to have a civil supremacy in Pakistan he also reminded of Pakistan’s military  history of  continuously mingling into civilian affairs and not allowing a free and full run of any elected PM. He also claimed that all the corruption charges are just a result of conspiracy by the military to make sure the elected PM become rejected. He openly accused military of targeting voice of dissent by declaring leaders like Abdul Gaffar Khan , Wali Khan ,Akbar Bugti as Traitor.

Imran Khan’s response

Imran Khan’s response was not hard to guess addressing his “Tiger Force” in a rally just a day after PDM jalsa in Gujranwala he talked about what as per him just a political “Circus” of corrupt politicians , Imran Khan amid huge cheers by his followers reminded people of Pakistan how corrupted the opposition is and how Nawaz Sharif is running Indian agenda while reiterating his same page narrative he proclaimed the support military and other establishments.

another Military rule or Early Elections ?

Looking at the history of Pakistan’s its not hard for anyone to speculate a new Martial law in fact many overreaching scholars  are already predicting this to happen but things look different this time to start with although this PDM does look a lethal weapon against Imran Khan government but the truth is not all the opposition is in favour of an early election most of the parties have their own agenda at work secondly the Pakistani Military the force behind this govt. still behind Imran Khan govt. and although “One Page” Narrative is now no more but lack of other feasible options keeps Pakistan Army as a silent Spectator.

Another reason is Pakistan Army doesn’t want to become face of governance at this point that doesn’t mean they have become saint or have recently fall in love with democracy, Its simply because there is a hidden feeling that this country will not be able to suffer the jolt of another military rule and might result in further breakups in an already disturbed region. Also the current economic situation is not such which can be repaired in few easy steps and Pakistani army doesn’t want to loose its grip further on public affection by becoming a failure and will likely to have Imran Khan enjoy the power and take all the blame of mis-governance for now .

A new Dawn of Democracy ?

Pakistan since its independence has seen 3 long Military rule and 4 Democratic rule at first seems to be a state which is still confused where it future lies and what’s their first preference national security or developing as a democratic nation but a big reason for this confusion can be attributed to the fact that Pakistan is a country created by capitalizing fear of high class Muslims of the sub continent who before being displaced by Britishers were enjoying the power and as soon as the first sign of British exit started emerging they started to feel the need of a separate region to continue enjoying the power and even after getting independence the fear of a strong Hindu nation which has deep historic roots in Pakistan the people of Pakistan felt a compulsion of having strong military and ended up giving free hand to military unknowingly setting up the course of a long disturbed Pakistan.  

So will this new political crisis will bring a new dawn of democratic power in Pakistan, at first look it might give an impression that it’s a for sure sign of a big change but one look at the history of Pakistan Political timeline will reveal that its not the first time its happening, military has remained a strong force running proxy government and pro democracy leaders like Nawaz, Bhutto have also been a strong supporter of establishment at some point in their political career and Imran Khan current blue eye boy of Military has also said things about military in the past and might say the same in future depending upon how his exit is planned by the Military. The only people who can ensure putting Pakistan onto the path of democracy are the people of Pakistan and the military leadership of Pakistan the day the people of Pakistan decide that military is only for security and there are no good and bad dictators will be the day when democracy will fix its root into the Pak land. So as Gabbar said in Sholay “Gabbar ke taap se tumhe sirf Gabbar hi bacha sakta he” only the people of Pakistan and Military of Pakistan can save the country from hellfire of a blustery state. They will need to understand that a continuity of civil supremacy is required to develop a new bread of honest Politicians and until it emerges it will be more suitable to continue with whatever option you have.

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