Prime Minister Narendra Modi should give a call to people of India and security forces to confront and deal firmly with road & rail blockers, arsonists and goons 

He must send a strong message to Pawar, Amarindar, Mamata, and Kejariwal that if they indulged in fomenting violence and allowed attacks on public and private property by ‘so called Kisans’, Article 356 will be used.

Anyone blocking railway operations by sitting on rail tracks or attacking trains and railway stations should be dealt with a firm hand and must be made to pay a heavy price for it. They should be booked under the most severe laws of the land and given long sentences and made to cough out huge penalties for damages. Ask RPF and local police to fix surveillance cameras with audio capabilities and employ videographers to record and report those who are indulging in arson. Keep a record of those, black list their Aadhar Numbers and ensure their families and they never get any government aid or job and even lose their right to vote forever.

Treat likewise mobs of arsonists and goons who go about stopping traffic and attacking shops, vehicles, buses, and threatening common citizens. They must be identified, arrested, and fined. Pro-Protest police officers should be identified for severe departmental action. These are the hidden sleeper cells and moles in our administration who are complicit in undermining a democratically elected government. 

And if Narendra Modi and Amit Shah cannot handle it, lay public will have to come out on streets to defend their honour, life and property. They will have to take such risk if the state abdicates its primary responsibility of maintaining law and order. No person or organized group can be permitted in democratic India to hold anyone to ransom demanding the repeal of laws passed by the Parliament by duly elected representatives of the people. 

The Islamist violence post CAA was pre-planned and deliberate and so is this so-called Kisan Aandolan. A devious network of Islamists, Khalistanis, crooked Commies, and wily politicians with vested political interests is behind it. It’s a totally unjustified movement. If Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Ajit Doval, NIA, IB and state CID are unaware of what this network is up to they don’t deserve to rule us. 

And ‘baniagiri’ and pussyfooting by BJP leaders helps none. Instead of facing the brutes with the full might of the state, Modi and Shah mollycoddle them stupidly. It emboldens the kingpins and instigators and they escalate their subversive activities one after another. When the movement against CAA failed, a new movement was initiated by the anti-national cabal. In both the cases minority card was played. Why do I see only turbaned Sikhs in this so-called Kisan Andolan? Why is SGPC supporting it? Why are Islamists providing sustenance to this movement? 

As Hindus we honor and revere our Sikh gurus. It does not mean everyone with a beard and pagadi is an honorable Sikh. The way some of these Sikh leaders attacked and pilloried Kangana Ranaut with obscenities has proved they are anything but honorable. After abusing her on a meme she RTed on twitter, they dared to send the national award winner legal notices based on lies and baseless propaganda. There are a whole lot of sleazy crooks and debauches who call themselves Sikhs yet defile the legacy of the great Gurus. 

It’s beyond me how any Sikh who is true to his/her panth and Guru Granth Saheb ever shake hands with Islamists and abuse Hindus the way that bastardized scumbag Yograj Singh did. He should have been paraded naked and put behind bars for his provocative and abusive speech aimed at creating Hindu-Sikh divide. What was still more shameful that his ‘turbaned’ audience applauded him instead of pulling him down and kicking him hard. 

And what are the ‘turbaned’ goons doing in front of Indian Consulates in UK and Canada and why? They join hands with Pakistanis and abuse our High Commissioners and PM. What connection do they have with Indian kisans? What’s going on here? I have not heard the Badals and the Amarindars condemning those goons. Are they really ‘Sikhs’? I don’t consider anyone a true Sikh who denies his/her grand Hindu lineage, legacy, and heritage. 

The claim of some of these treacherous Sikhs to Khalistan is based on Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s Sikh Empire that stood on the strong pillars of his Dogra councilors, generals and warriors who ensured that most ferocious of the Islamist mlecchas remained subdued with little room to indulge in acts of subversion. They are fed on the fake history of the British, who actually handed Hindus and Sikhs on a platter to Jinnah to be slaughtered. It was the combined fight back of Hindus and Sikhs that saved Hari Mandir Saheb and Amritsar from falling into Islamist hands. In fact, Nehru and Congress, by signing up the Cabinet Mission Plan, had already sealed the cruel fate of Sikhs and Hindus in the Punjab. Even the humble pleadings of some foolish and self-serving and servile Sikh leaders to the British that their blood had sustained the British Empire, fell on deaf ears. 

We cannot practice western style ‘liberal-please-all-policing’ policy in a country like India. Miscreants, arsonists, and goons must be caught and severely punished irrespective of their caste, religion, and political affinity. Anyone who, in spite of being warned, attacks a police officer or constable or even comes close to him/her, should be shot. That should be the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Period. All policemen should be sufficiently equipped and armed to effectively dispel personal attacks on them. And the punishment for defying the authority of the police should be far more severe than contempt of court. 

I have been a big time protester since childhood. JP Movement had not yet started. I was arrested and charged in 1973-74. I was a student of class 12th. It was a legitimate TOTALLY non-violent protest out of my genuine passion for justice. My group of young ‘not-yet-adult’ students threw not a single pebble. All the charges slapped against me were false. Defiance of Section 144 was the least lethal of those charges. The case came up for trial during the Emergency and was finally withdrawn after Janata Party came to power in UP. I’m amazed at the generosity and kind-hardheartedness of Amit Shah’s police force to J&K stone-pelters, fake Kisan Andolankaris, and the protests of the peaceful community. In spite of definite hard evidence, the protesters are allowed to get away. 

I wonder what has gone wrong with our police force. Have our officers and governments turned wimps? However, I see the same police force working with greater alacrity and extreme severity while dealing with comparatively docile Hindu protests. Sabarimala and incidents in West Bengal are examples of that. Similarly, what was done to Baba Ram Rahim’s supporters was extreme brutality of Jallianwala Bagh variety. Judges of the Punjab-Haryana High Court ordered it and Manohar Lal Khattar’s police executed it. 

Rajesh Kumar Singh

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