Poster demonstration held against Xi Jinping’s dictatorship

Sunday- June 28, 2020

Several Human rights activists of various nationalities and regions including, Japanese, Indians, Taiwanese, Tibetans and others had gathered at famous Hachiko statue near Shibuya station. This protest has occurred within the context of Chinese President Xi Jinping being criticized around the world for a dictatorial style of working- a trait which is unbecoming of an aspiring world leader. Since the past few years, it is quite evident that the highly ambitious Xi Jinping is aggressively trying to expand and encroach territories of all its neighbors including Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Bhutan, South China Sea, East China Sea etc either by force or by grand, opaque and dubious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and One Belt One Road (OROB) projects.

It is noteworthy, that while denying democracy to Chinese citizens, the Chinese dictator is trying everything within his means to suppress the genuine voices of pro-democracy youth activists in Hong Kong which is beset with pro-democracy protests for over a year. Till 1950s, Tibet used to be a beautiful peace-loving Buddhist country which has been swallowed by Chinese expansionism. On other hand, a highly advanced and progressive country such as Taiwan is also facing various pressure tactics from China and was recently denied representation at WHO at China’s behest- even though Taiwan was one of the two countries in South East Asia, other being Vietnam which put forward a brilliant counter-strategy to combat the spread of Covid-19.  Had the WHO paid heed to the early alarm raised by Taiwanese health authorities regarding COVID-19, the global devastation wrought upon by Covid-19 would have been greatly mitigated and reduced. Within this context, Xi Jinping’s surreptitious handling of COVID-19 and lack of transparency has raised eyebrows from all over the globe against him.

Xi Jinping, like a typical dictator, has manipulated Chinese Communist system to secure himself as a lifelong Chinese President. Even Chinese citizens are also at the receiving end and they also would like to get rid of Xi Jinping’s dictatorship, which is evident by the huge support being received by the protestors in Hong Kong.

The entire world is joining hands and uniting in its fight against COVID-19 where many countries have exchanged medicines and other medical equipment – either at subsidized rates or free on humanitarian grounds. However, many countries have complained receiving faulty equipment including faulty test kits from China. This may be due to genuine quality control issues but what is more shocking is that under the given situation the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) under Xi Jinping’s leadership has been caught initiating un-provoked violence in Galwan valley, Ladakh, India violating the agreement between India and China. Based on various media reports and intelligence inputs, this bloody fight led to martyrdom of 20 Indian soldiers and perhaps more than 43 PLA soldiers. While the world’s biggest democracy, India has duly disclosed the details of the casualties at Indian side and paid rich tributes to all the martyrs, China under Xi Jinping has been again caught for hiding the casualties on her side. To hide Chinese humiliation by Indian soldiers, Xi Jinping’s regime has not even paid tributes to its soldiers who were martyred to fulfill Xi Jinping’s ambitions. Given this despicable behavior on the part of the Chinese President, even Chinese citizens need support from human right activists across the world to put the pressure and replace the malevolent dictatorship in China with responsible democracy. Today’s protest was done with the same demand to replace Xi Jinping, a dictator, with a responsible leader who shall be democratically elected by the Chinese people.

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