Present Situation

Current border issue at Ladakh with China looks very obvious that either it’s a result of China’s policy of expansion or China wants to divert attention from Corona crisis but is it only so. Recently it is observed that Government of India and it’s cabinet ministers were repeatedly claiming India’s right over whole J&K, Pakistan was even asked to give POK back to India. This was confirmed by puppet Prime Minister of POK that India will attack Pakistan to take back POK. It should be remembered that China’s one of the largest trade project CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) is going through disputed POK. So here comes the trio situation for China that forced it to make new dispute to save CPEC, expand it’s territory and to divert attention of the world from corona.

Of course China did not expect a befitting reply by Indian army and it will not be surprising if India opts to take back POK back from Pakistan in this current scenario.

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