A perpetual state which is beyond time and space which exists without any dependence and is an actuality in itself. We often mistake silence as a space between two musical notes, two sounds, two thoughts, but the real illusion of division is created by thought. Thought has a tendency to create division ,for example- division of time in past, present and future. Thought is always a content of the past experiences and memories and that is why it is limited in its nature, because our experiences are limited. Our thought cannot comprehend the state which is beyond time and space because thought creates the illusion of the ‘Self’ or ‘I’ which is an isolation/division and with dissipation of this ‘Self’ or ‘I’ we can perceive that the observer is the observed . This perception of actuality or by direct observation, silence manifests itself which is beyond the division of any sort. This perception of unity is termed as Silence , which cannot be achieved by any method, dogma, or suppression. The only way is to unlearn or reset the conditioned brain, and make it receptive enough to achieve the state of unified perception or eternal Silence.

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