Of all mistakes Nehru did what was the biggest? I would argue the following:

Aligning with communist nations under pretext of "Non Aligned Movement".

Well, the rectification of the Himalayan blunder happened on 24th September 2021 when leaders of four QUAD countries met and issued a joint statement. Lets analyze the joint statement and the long term geo-political impact of QUAD . For more details on Modiji’s foreign policy reforms read here.

The details of the joint statement is here. Below are the highlights and the repercussion of each of the policy statements.

  1. Security and prosperity of a free and open Indo-Pacific: Will stop China from bullying nations in Asian waters.
  2. Freedom of navigation ( including East and South China Sea) and overflight: Stop China from occupying the South China sea.
  3. Donate more than 1.2 billion doses COVID-19 vaccines: Will project the soft power of all four countries. Since most of the doses will be manufactured in India, it will help Indian companies.
  4. Join forces to tackle climate crisis: Will keep Oil producing cartel in Check. It will also promote clean-hydrogen technology in which India has potential to be a global leader.
  5. Establish cooperation on critical and emerging technologies: India will gain access to several emerging technologies including 5G.
  6. Build resilient, diverse, and secure supply chains of critical technologies: Will diversify manufacturing from China and make India a Global manufacturing hub. Many companies are already shifting their bases to India.
  7. Launch a new Quad infrastructure partnership in Indo-pacific: Will counter China’s Belt Road Initiative and stop countries falling to China’s debt trap diplomacy. Read this for more details.
  8. Begin new cooperation to combat cyber threats: Prevent Cyber attacks which are carried by rogue communist nations like China, North Korea etc.
  9. Begin educational and people-to-people cooperation: Will promote people-people contact between these nations.
  10. Coordinate policies towards Afghanistan: This will prevent Afghanistan from being gulped by China + Pakistan axis.
  11. Complete denuclearization of North Korea: North Korea, another rogue communist nation, sponsored by China, needs to be brought to shape.

What is Chinese reaction to this?

China is fuming.

China very well understands that QUAD is an elephant. Once the slow elephant picks momentum it will become unstoppable. There has been articles in Chinese Communist Party’s mouthpiece (Global Times) severely criticizing and mocking the QUAD joint statement.

What will be the long term impact:

  1. The rogue communist nations like China and North Korea will be kept in check.
  2. India will become a manufacturing hub and even surpass China.
  3. The ASEAN nations will get freed from China’s debt trap diplomacy.
  4. Will reduce the communist and Jihadi influence from institutions across all nations. There are reports that China has penetrated Movie industry (even our own Bollywood), universities and media outlets across all of the four countries.
  5. Make India the dominant power in South East Asia.

Nehru's Non Aligned Movement is dead. Long live the QUAD!!!

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