Recently a video went viral in social media where the Bhim Army women state president of Uttar Pradesh is seen threatening to kill Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. She threatens to bomb the firebrand CM Yogi Adityanath. The name of the lady is Seema Singh. In the video that went viral Seema Singh is been seen spreading venom against the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and also threatens to bomb him.

After the video went viral people demanded strict action to be taken against the Bhim Army women State president ,Seema Singh. Soon after the video was widely shared on the internet, Bareilly police took cognisance of the viral clip and initiated action against Seema Singh. A case has been filed against her at Sirauli police station and an investigation has been initiated. Inspector KK Verma says that a case was registered against Seema Singh on the night of 20 September and a probe is underway.

Not only she warns Yogi Adityanath of bombing but also she threatens the SP and DSP too. In the video went viral she is seen speaking “…the police have directly arrested Bunty. How long will we bear all this? We are not going to tolerate police high-handedness. What is this happening in UP? No complaint, no action against Manuvadis. On the contrary, the police acted against Bunty. How long will this dictatorship last? Others might suck it up, but I won’t. I am not going to tolerate this. I will break all the stars on the shoulders of SP, DSP and hang them in the middle of a road, and Yogi Adityanath Baba, I am not Seema Singh if I don’t blow up a bomb in your lungi. I am the woman state president of Bhim Army. Take note of my face or stop atrocities on Dalits. Yogi Adityanath, I will remove all your Thakurgiri. This is a dictatorship. Note this face. In the future, you should pay attention to who I am”  Seema Singh added , “Within 6 months If I don’t get you killed and buried, my name is not Seema Singh. I will avenge everything you have done to us. Neither can you act against the killers, nor against the rapists, all you could do is use your power against a woman. All your Thakurgiri will end once you come in front of me. My name is Seema Singh. I belong to a lion’s family, not from a vulture family. I am not like you, who kills others by taking the help of women. If you are a human, behave like one. We are Bhim soldiers. We know how to talk with respect and make others do the same. We are lions. You can try intimidating us but we won’t be frightened.”

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