After a long battle and struggles to overcome unnecessary hurdles put up by the congress, the first batch of Dassault Rafael fighter jets, purchased by India, finally took off runways of France last evening. Completely trained wing commanders of the Indian Air Force flew away with five jets from France last evening in the presence of Indian ambassador Javed ashraf and also the chief of dassault aviations. The fighter jets will be arriving in India on 28th July at ambala airbase after covering a distance of around 7000 kilometers.

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It is probably the very first time in Indian history when the common masses are feeling extremely elated on the arrival of warfare equipment in the nation, and is eager to welcome them. The public as such was never interested much in defense deals mainly because of two reasons. One being the past mishaps associated with former defense dealings of the UPA era, which bring along with it the scams, frauds and corruptions regarding the funding. This gradually resulted in an aversion of Indian public towards such deals. Secondly, because of the politicization of the issue and the controversy related to rafale, which was deliberately set up by the opposition to vilify the central government’s image and question the investment of funds. All this drama was created by the opposition to merely satiate their irk against the nation, generated from the fact that they have been ruled out from the government by the public mandate.

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The controversy had erupted when the opposition rushed to the Supreme Court to get a stay order on the rafale deal as they believed that many casualties and corruption had taken place. The issue started to brew when France and India signed a memorandum of Understanding to move further in the process of purchase, agreeing to the supply thirty-six rafale jets over a price of approx 7.8 million European dollars. Just a day after the deal was made, congress spokesperson Manish Tewari asked the government to release the minute details of the deal publicly and the question as to why the price was escalated to 1,600 crores from 715 crores. However like always, congress completely sidelined the potential threats over national security which might strike if the details were made public. We are fully aware of the subverting agents and anti national intellectual residing over our own lands.

Opposition also had made serious allegations on the government, trying to malign the nation’s image, stating that the Dassault aviation had paid the top government leaders personally to undertake the purchase of rafale specifically from their company. Interestingly to support their claim, congress had shamefully given example of the Boforce deal which itself was the biggest scam having involvement of their former dynast, Rajiv Gandhi.

After the supreme court agreed to hear the public interest litigation filed by the congress leader, kapil sibal, it went through all the necessary documentations which were asked and presented, the supreme court straight away rejected all the pleas seeling the cancellation of the deal and upheld its continuation. And once again the people’s belief in virtue of truth shall prevail was restored.

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Congress, however was still hell bent obstinate to get the deal cancelled even after getting insulted nationwide over the issue. On receiving a clear rejection for their propaganda disguised as a PIL from Supreme Court, the party in no time declared that Supreme Court was not the accurate place to discuss the issue and details henceforth should be made public on a separate individual forum. It had made a demand that the government should come with the ingredients of the deal even if Supreme Court allowed them to proceed further to it, in reply to which the Central government promptly disagreed.

Arrival of rafale into the IAF will set an indelible mark on the defense history of India. Their first deployment will be executed at galwan valley where the Indian and Chinese troops are indulged in a border dispute. Along with rafale, another fighter jets like MiG, Mirage and Sukhoi will upscale the diplomatic game in the favor of India delivering a stern warning for China.

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