The communist party is at its petty religious political agenda again. All the opposition parties combined together are going paranoid since the Supreme Court has ordered the construction of Ram Mandir on the pious lands of Ayodhya. The central government has issued a notice regarding the live telecast of Ram Janm Bhoomi poojan on the national television of Doordarshan. This move of government came as an alternative to cure the difficulty arose with millions of devotees of Lord Rama who couldn’t attend the event due to covid crisis.

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The opposition beforehand had also tried to crumple and disrupt the smooth procedure being followed by the Ram Mandir Trust just to shape their political agenda of minority appeasement and pseudo secular ideology. Earlier last week, saket gokhale, a part time activist and a close acquaintance of rahul Gandhi had filed public interest litigation in allahbad high court seeking a stay on ram Janm Bhoomi poojan.  The high court had straightaway rejected the PIL slamming gokhale and asking him to revisit the rules to be followed by the trust and ensuring the assemblage at the event. Completely in accordance with the centre’s unlock guidelines.

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Now, once again the communist party is presenting its hidden displeasure primarily over the ram Mandir and secondarily over the Bhoomi poojan. Binoy Viswan, a rajya sabha MP from the communist party of India has written letter proposing forefront his hatred against the Hindu shrine very boldly, though masquerading under wordplay. Viswan in his letter submitted to Prakash Javdekar has opposed the live telecast of the Bhoomi poojan event on the national television. To support his ludicrous argument of the telecast being a threat to national integrity, he put forward the reason that the same will violate the Prasar Bharti act of Indian Constitution which regulates the functioning of Doordarshan. He pointed out the section 12(2(a) of the act which states that its motive is to uphold the unity of the country and the values enshrined in the constitution.

However, on the question rises here to satiate a very initial inquisition of how can the telecast of the event may hamper the constitutional value of the act, he mentioned. The MP from communist party had a very absurd answer. He declared that- “ As the national broadcaster for a country that is founded on the principles of secularism and religious harmony, the use of Doordarshan to broadcast a religious event at Ayodhya on 5th August is contrary to the accepted norms of national integrity” Mr. Viswan wrote.

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Under the repetitive rant of secular democracy, it’s not the first time when the opposition is trying to attack the faith of around one billion people. However, it is absolutely fascinating to take note of the glossing hypocrisy been practiced here. When on the occasions of Christmas, eid or guru purnima, when several special episodes of various serials and advertisements from the government wishing its people, are run on the national television, no secularism is harmed, no constitution comes at stake and no certain law as such stands violated. But as soon as the major religious population wants to just even ascertain and exercise their faith, whole of the constitutional machinery comes crashing down with the liberal mania and the opposition starts ranting out hysterically.

This behavior of opposition which includes parties like Trinamool congress, Indian national congress, communist party and several more, clearly unveils their hinduphobic agenda masquerading as a façade to save secularism and democracy. However, it is necessary to refer the prima facie definition of secularism here, adopted from the west, which stated no interference of church into state affairs and no interference of state into religious matters. But in India it has a whole distorted meaning and has been made a mode to denigrate one certain religion of majority to appease others because of electoral politics and oppose the practice of majority to exercise their faith. 

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