While western logic is limited to a binary definition of YES and NO, Indian logic has followed a ‘multi-valued’ logic, beginning with vedas, which describe ‘Chatushkoti’.  ‘Chatushkoti logic’ has four aspects and covers all possible sides of any argument. It defines TRUE (Pragya), which indicates the best approximation of truth, FALSE (Mithya), which indicates negation of the argument, NEITHER TRUE NOR FALSE (Sanshaya), which indicates arguments which are doubtful and BOTH TRUE AND FALSE (Shraddha), which indicates belief based arguments.

Indian system of logic goes beyond the western scientific constructs, which restrict the definitions to what is observable but Indian logic can support metaphysical arguments as well. Vedanta logic, which is a three valued concept of True (satya), False (asatya) and Unreal (mithya) helps explain Physics principle of Uncertainity by Heisenburg. Similarly, multi valued logic also helps explain the parallel computing by establishing the fact that a single process can be in multiple states at same time.

The multi dimensional Indian logic enables one to see everyone’s point of view. It allows explanation of abstract concepts in Quantum physics or Ayurveda, where not everything can be tested. For example, Quantum concepts have the idea of multiple universe or Ayurveda has the concept of ‘Ushna’, which may have multiple meanings beyond ‘heat’.

Religious fundamentalism can also be countered with Indian logic

Indian logic also trumps in the contemporary divisive world. Fundamentalists in the religious worlds would like to follow only one path and would have complete disregard for any idea that would be different from theirs. This chasm can be effectively countered with Indian logic which will offer inclusive choices based on assimilating all four paradigms. It would have space for ‘Black Lives matter’ as well other lives not represented in that movement. It would also accommodate multi-value logic such as theft. Theft is bad in many scriptures but Indian logic would accept the innocence of a child while he steals something akin to Lord SriKrishna stealing butter. It would also allow for an argument to practice meditation and reap benefits, which modern science would not have been able to test and prove as yet.

Indian logic represents – Sanatano Nityo Nutna – which implies that it is capable of refreshing itself with place, circumstances, and time and gets refreshed as the new knowledge comes up. It is always current and receives the latest ‘patches’ and ‘refreshes’.

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