Music or Sound as we know elevates us when we are down or depressed, sometimes also tunnels in a lot of memories. Is there something strange about sound that we could not figure out yet and can it be a potent healer? Music also transcends you into a zone or a realm & is one of the ways to reach the field of Brahman which is what happens when you find Moksha.

But not until the recent scientific discoveries could we find that everything in this universe is about frequencies and vibrations, and then was the renaissance which opened up new theories about it. Modern world & its traits!!

What our ancestors in India have written down and have been following from millennials, the recent discoveries don’t even scratch the surface, in fact we have the Sama Veda dedicated just to sounds & frequencies. Sound influences a human being & also has DNA altering properties. A normal human being has 7 chakra’s which can be influenced or be activated using sound frequencies, starting with,

Root Chakra which is called Mooladhara whose sound & frequency is Lam (261.6Hz).

Second comes the Sacral Chakra which is known as Swadhisthana whose sound & frequency is Vam (293.7Hz),

Third is the Solar Plexus Chakra which is called Manipura whose sound & frequency is Ram (329.6Hz),

Fourth the Heart Chakra called Anahata whose sound & frequency is Yam (349.2Hz),

Fifth the Throat Chakra called Visuddha whose sound & frequency is Ham (196Hz),

Sixth the Third Eye called Ajna whose sound & frequency is Om (110Hz),

And lastly the Crown Chakra called Sahasrara whose sound & frequency is Al (123.5).

These are Beej mantras which produce Nitric oxide in our body that helps cells to communicate with each other by transmitting signals throughout the entire body.

Some sounds & vibrations give you Goosebumps and the reason may be that it has influenced the cells in your body giving you an enthralling experience. It is more potent or transcendental than any short term experience drug which just gives you miniscule trip. May be that is why you find many musicians Sufi like. From Sufism I remember of their tradition of ‘Dhamaal’ which is a transcendental dance just like what we follow now in the name of Rave. From Bhakti Bhajan to Dhamaal and finally to rave, music has always helped us in search of our true self.

In the recent times the science of sound has been taken seriously and it is giving out some shocking results. What yantra’s we use in our daily life are all visual representations of powerful sound frequencies which the west is trying to decode now in the name of Cymatics.

In the coming future, sounds & frequencies will be used to heal but I guess the Big Pharma will have Big Problems then & hopefully the science not lost then.

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