Veer Savarkar and Swami Dayanand Sarswati were the few among so many wise men who stood steadfast, spoke at length and wrote on umpteen occasions against the Caste System within Hindu Society. Generation unaware about Veer Savarkar and Swami Dayanand would not agree to their greatness.

Else all most all Social and Political leaders of Hindu Society caved in when confronted with the enemy within Hindu, i.e. Caste System. Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Rajendra Prasad, Pandit Nehru, Radhakrishnan and Achaya Kriplani defended, while Baba Ambedkar and E V Ramaswamy used it for their advantage.

The communist as an ideology which promulgated a classless and casteless society all over the world turned out to be the worst castiest within Indian system.

Biggest hypocrisy emerged from the constitution of India, which made the caste system and caste assignment an impregnable and by birth curse. Not only it legalized the rigid continuity but also went ahead by introducing caste system within Islam and Christianity. It is so ridiculous. Entire World, Islam and Christian claims to preach and practice brotherhood within the society. But not so in India. The Constitution of India expanded the caste consideration over and above their religious scripture within this society as well. Benefits of reservation in education and employment were extended on the consideration of this caste system.

Role of the present religious and social leader within Hindu society is even most deplorable. They argue, fight and defend a practice that does not exist anywhere in their religious inscriptions. How illiterate and conceited have become our Hindu society today? How old is this caste System? Who introduced this? Why did no medieval saint speak against them?

And Yes, We have answers to these curious queries.

The Role of British: Advent of the most divisive word – Caste.

True it is! Yes Caste or Jati is nowhere mentioned in Vedic literature. Entire social structure of Vedic concept was based upon the Varna system, which had the profession and skill as the underlined criterion. It was a mutable system driven by merit, skill and knowledge without any entitlement on account of birth.

Varna system and its meaning were diluted, discredited and discontinued.

Caste which has its origin from Portuguese word “Casta” found its way to the government directive. The British rulers documented caste and tribe with all possible nefarious insinuation in all its record, notification and gazetteers since 1881.

The 1911 census under Commissioner Herbert Risley was nadir of this sinister conspiracy. Where “social precedence as Caste was smuggled into record”. Reams of paper supported by divisive public oration for decades made today caste as an integral word for Indian Sanatan Society.

Caste has replaced Varna today. The generation today are rigid to follow the poison of caste. The hate has made the caste a birth entitlement within the legal prism of constitutional rights. It is a fraud committed on the concept of Vedic neutrality.

Why British introduced caste System India:

The British social set up had an elaborate caste system in medieval days. It had its genesis within the feudal structure and were cemented with known titles like Potter, Smith, Parker, Cobbler, Goldsmith etc. British found the Varna system against their interest. Maucaluly and Maxmuller together conspired to close the Gurukul system, Sanskrit education and Ved learning. Thereafter they introduced administrative and welfare schemes on the basis of an invented caste system. Far Away from religious learning, Slaved, impoverished and illiterate Indian sprinted to accept this vainglorious moment.

Baba Ambedkar burnt Manusmriti. Is Manusmriti Responsible for Caste System?

To what extent Manu Smriti is responsible for this rigidity and who had conspired to fuel it is even a larger subject. It was never debated. Two valid questions were raised by Babasaheb Ambedkar.

I do not believe in Chaturvarna based on birth: – Vedic Scripture and Manu Smriti nowhere writes a word about Chaturvarna System by Birth. It has been explained at numerous places including one from the Bhagwat-Puran through Lord Shri Krishna himself. It is deed not birth that will decide the ChaturVarna.

Lord Krishna sings in Chapter Four, Verse Thirteen of Bhagavad Gita:

cāturvarṇyam mayā sṛṣṭam
tasya kartāram api mām
viddhy akartāram avyayam

“Although I have created the four classes (Varn)-Brahmin, Kshatriy, Vaishy and Shudr-according to innate properties and actions, know me the immutable as a non-doer.’’

I do not believe in caste distinctions: – Yes Caste is nowhere and never mentioned in Vedic Scripture. Maharishi Valmiki who was not a born Brahmin yet he acquired the ability of Greatest among the Rishi, wrote Ramayana the most revered epic of Sanatan and sheltered Mata Sita and taught two Prince Lav and Kush under his authority.

The lack of Knowledge of Sanskrit has distanced Hindu society from reading its religious Scripture. They read the translated reference. People with vested interest corrupted and smuggled all the abuses and innuendo in these translations. The stupidity of English educated Hindu is the subject of ridicule today. Following them is an ocean of ignorant Hindu masses who justify, glorify and abuse each other in the name of Caste forgetting the homogenous mutable system of Varna.

Today no mass leader or Hindu saint has the conviction, courage or sincerity to speak the truth to the masses. Such is the moral perversion. True, the enemy resides within the Hindu not outside.

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