We as species are superior to others in terms of thinking capacity, or are we?

A bit sceptical about it at the pace we are going and where we have reached.

Let’s start with the only Law to follow & maintain a balance among others, The Law of Nature.

We tend to be defying the simple gender equation here, the role of a Man, Woman & the Reproduction Theory. Isn’t it so simple to understand? Where did the other genders come from? Quite obvious of the intervention of a human hand here going against the basic laws of nature just for the nonsensical ‘Depopulation Agenda’. It did not quite exist in the past of the whole human history and suddenly in the recent 50–60 years we developed something which sounds quite bizarre to a clear thinker.

Things did not quite stop there, then came another equality based unequal theory, Feminism!! I wonder why would anyone put a woman at par to a man or vice versa? Aren’t both unique and special in their own ways & capabilities? Wouldn’t it be insulting for a women to work or dress like a man? I guess the fight is for the right opposite in this ‘Zombie Era’ where psychological theorists present weird theories. What this has done is created a rift between a man & a women leading to unending divorce cases even in a country like India and put an end to the family concept.

In times before the intellectual dwarfs & the elites took over there was harmony and a strict code in tune with the law of nature was followed which divided responsibilities between a man & a women based on capabilities & instincts. Those times also produced some great minds and thinkers, yet here we are now fighting over 100 genders & find happiness in miniscule nonsensical stuffs.

We have quite lost of ability of deep critical thinking which is because of deliberate dumbing down to the subconscious level in which our education system plays a very big role. What this has done is produced a society of herd mentality which can be manipulated and controlled easily. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that our whole life is scripted right from our birth to the very end. With times there will be measures and new ways introduced in the name of technological advances and science to enslave our minds, I wonder what is even left to mentally control apart from the bare basic sense to live.

Day after the other we are being introduced with unimaginable theories and stuffs in which the media, television and the online platforms have the role of normalizing it to the society either in a subtle way or by shock!! Any person who tends to have a different view from the mainstream is either labelled insane or ridiculed.

We all have been under this spell and I’m quite sure there will be an awakening sooner which will make us distinct than devolve.

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