Hamid Ansari is just an Al Taqiyya version of his relative jihadi mafia don Muqhtar Ansari. An interview by journalist Aman Chopra, Zee News with his sharp questions to ex-Vice President Hamid Ansari exposes his pettiness and Al Taqiyya jihadi mentality by spreading the canard of “Musalman katre me hain” “Muslims are in danger”, “Muslims are unsafe” in India.

It is ironical that Hamid Ansari, a relative of jihadi mafia don Mukhtar Ansari claims Muslims are in danger and lynched in India! His relative is a living example of how a section of Muslims are in fact looting, rioting, kidnapping and go on a murder spree in India.

Notably, Hamid Ansari’s antecedents and his highly seditious role of endangering the lives of RAW agents during his stint in Iran as ambassador is not covered by the card carrying leftist members in the media. As also his advocacy for establishment of Sharia Courts in every district of India and his open support to the jihadi Popular Front Of India under scanner by the NIA for its terror links.

Aman interviewed Ansari in the backdrop of promotion of his latest book, “Many A Happy Accident”. Aman wanted to to know from Hamid Ansari that on what basis did Ansari claim, Muslims are in danger in India, when he as an Indian Muslim has been for two terms Vice President, ambassador to various countries, ex-Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University and ex- Chairman of National Commission on Minorities.

A visibly upset Hamid Ansari said yes but also reiterated his opinion that Muslims are in danger in India but couldn’t give a reason for his jaundiced opinions. Aman then asked him is it because of lynchings?

Ansari said yes Muslims are lynched. To which Aman replied by saying equally or more number of Hindus are lynched in Kerala and West Bengal. To this Ansari claims he is not aware and adds it could be law and order problem.

Aman left the wily Ansari visibly speechless when he cornered him on the question of lynching by saying that why is it that lynchings have religious overtones when Muslims die and not the same when Hindus are victims.

To this Hamid Ansari gets so ruffled that he abruptly ends the conversation.

Ansari’s responses to Aman’s questions and spreading baseless canard of “Muslims are in danger in India” rant cannot be taken as just a jaundiced point of view. There is much more to it than meets the eye. Scratch the sheen and a jihadi in al taqiyya mode is revealed due to the following highly questionable activities of Hamid Ansari.

Listed here are few of Hamid Ansari’s jihadi antcedents: –

  • Former RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) officer, NK Sood had made in June 2019, explosive allegations that former Vice President Hamid Ansari who has served as Indian Ambassador to Iran between 1990-92, endangered the lives of RAW officers in Tehran and even ended up exposing the RAW set-up in Tehran.
  • report published by The Sunday Guardian, claimed that former RAW officers wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking an inquiry against Hamid Ansari for damaging the RAW operations when he was posted as an ambassador in Tehran, Iran.
  • The officers claimed that Ansari not only failed to protect India’s national interest, but also cooperated with the Iranian government and its intelligence agency SAVAK which caused a serious dent to RAW and its operations. According to them, there were four major incidents when Indian Embassy officials and diplomats were kidnapped by SAVAK and Ansari deliberately failed in his duties to protect India’s interest.
  • NK Sood, former RAW officer told Sunday Guardian about an incident involving an Indian official, Sandeep Kapoor in May 1991. Kapoor was kidnapped from Tehran Airport by SAVAK. Ansari, who was then posted in Tehran, was informed about it but he played it down. Not only did he not take any steps to find Kapoor, but in the confidential report he sent to the MEA, he did not mention the involvement of SAVAK. He only said how Kapoor’s activities were suspected in Iran as he was believed to be involved with a local woman.
  • Three days after he went missing, Indian Embassy was informed by an anonymous phone call that Kapoor was lying on the road-side. Kapoor was heavily drugged, effects of which lasted years.
  • Recalling another incident, Sood told The Sunday Guardian that in August 1991, RAW was keeping an eye on Kashmiri youths who were regularly visiting Qom, a religious centre of Iran, and were taking arms training.
  • RAW’s new station chief, D. B. Mathur was advised by fellow RAW officers not to inform about the operations to Ansari. However, Mathur informed Ansari and Ansari allegedly passed on the information to Iranian Foreign Office, which passed it on to SAVAK which eventually picked up Mathur.
  • When Ansari didn’t take any concrete step to get Mathur back, the RAW officers secretly managed to inform Atal Bihari Vajpayee about Mathur, who in turn informed the then Prime Minister P V Narasimha Rao. Eventually, four days after he was kidnapped, Mathur was released from Evin prison and asked to leave the country within 72 hours. After he was released and within safety of Indian Embassy, Mathur informed how SAVAK was aware of identities of Sood and the station chief which he claimed becasue Ansari passed it on to Iranian Foreign Office.
  • The letter to the PM also includes an incident where P. K. Venugopal, the RAW station chief, was picked up by SAVAK and beaten up before being let go. Ansari never lodged a complaint with Iranian authorities, the letter claims. The letter claims that Ansari’s long and regular meetings with Pakistan Ambassador in Tehran were also not reported to the MEA.
  • It further goes on to talk about how R&AW’s operations, which were defensive in nature, were kept on hold because of Ansari’s order.
  • The letter by the RAW officers stated, “Ansari also brought other Indian Ambassadors in Dubai, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia to target R&AW units in their respective missions. At the time of the Bombay blasts, the R&AW’s capabilities vis-a-vis Gulf countries were in total disarray”.
  • N.K. Sood also told The Sunday Guardian that when Ansari was transferred from Iran in mid-1993, there were celebrations in the Indian Embassy.
  • The RAW officers were hoping for a thorough inquiry into the matter by Prime Minister Modi.

Following are the tweets posted by Ex-RAW Officer NK Sood about Hamid Ansari.



  • Hamid Ansari has backed the idea of setting up of the Shariat courts in every district of the country.
  • Hamid Ansari was also seen in a programme organized by the militant Islamic organization Popular Front of India (PFI) which has been accused by the National Investigative Agency (NIA) of being involved in the controversial ‘love jihad’ cases in Kerala.
  • Hamid Ansari had also praised the students who protested for Jinnah’s portrait in Aligarh Muslim University.
  • Ansari has been repeatedly issuing statement saying he is feeling insecure and uneasy as a citizen of the country including the present interview with Aman Chopra where he tried to portray Chopra as a biased journalist to cover up his own jihadi mentality.

Hamid Ansari should not be taken lightly as just a jaundiced and biased ranter. The list of his highly questionable role as an ambassador of India needs to be investigated and he should be tried for bringing RAW agents’ lives in danger in a deliberate and systematic manner. Hamid Ansari is just another side of the same coin as his relative Mukhtar Ansari and should be dealt with strongly and the country should see his statements in the light of his Al Taqiyya mentality.


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