So you (West) go to your unsuspecting eldest brother’s (India) place. Use brute force. Loot him and his wife’s enterprising capacity completely. Then you shut down the Gurukuls education system (which gave 75% literacy rate – World’ highest) using laws like the indian penal code .Then you loot all the knowledge – literature, force a classroom system with a medium of instruction (english) different from their original 300+ mediums you destroyed, and then label him illiterate (literacy came down to 18%) for not understanding your language and medium of instruction. Then you claim in the World that you invented science, math…etc.

Then you turn them into perpetual jobbers and tell his wife that job is women empowerment. (the previous entrepreneurship with which they were richest for 17 long centuries on the planet was male dominance and patriarchy ?), while your stupid format of classroom slave making factories is collapsing your own economy at home every 4th year.

This week as Sanjeev Sanyal thrashed a western reporter saying first you use your economic models and show in US that its working and the way Kangana tweeted “sit down you fool” to Rihanna, India has arrived at the global stage.

The last 300 years is a lesson for a rich civilization like India to know how important defense investments are, other wise some fools can come and take over and copy paste their foolish format of living on the entire planet.

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