It seems that all the BJP cares for is to get certificate of approval from its rival political parties which does not leave any stone unturned to decimate BJP; going to the extent of exterminating BJP cadre in West Bengal.

As soon as the election results were declared on May 2nd many BJP leaders including PM Modi and Rajnath Singh profusely congratulated Mamata Banerjee, Stalin and Pinarayi Vijayan for winning the assembly elections in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

While none, I repeat none of the opposition leaders including Mamata, Stalin or Pinarayi Vijayan even for the sake of curtesy bothered to congratulate BJP for its success in Assam and Puducherry.

Today, again when West Bengal is burning and BJP’s cadre are being hunted down like dogs by TMC terrorists, PM Narendra Modi congratulated Mamata Banerjee for being sworn in as the Chief Minister of Bengal for the third time in a row.

BJP’s core supporters who have stood by them even when they got 2 seats or scored a duck in the Parliament are incensed at the gross insensitivity of the party and its leadership for lacking the political will to take decisive actions to save their Karyakartas who are fleeing in thousands from Bengal and seeking refuge in Assam.

BJP leadership’s act of congratulating the woman responsible for the mayhem and mass genocide of its Karyakartas and voters in Bengal is akin to rootless Congess leaders Kapil Sibal, Shashi Tharoor and Rahul Gandhi hailing Mamata Banerjee as “Jhansi Ki Rani” for winning elections against BJP, when their own cadre in Bengal are being thrashed and beaten up by TMC.

It is good to show curtesy and bury the political differences after a hard fought election provided the other party is as civilized and not a brute who wants to wipe out your party’s very existence.

BJP’s core Hindu voters have aired their disappointment with the leadership for lack of political will to deal with anarchist motivated farmer protests who unleashed terror on the Republic Day. The core voters also feel that the leadership has shown no interest in pursuing to get justice for the lynched Sadhus at Palghar.

The formal messages sent out from the top leadership gives a feeling that BJP does not care for its own core voters while it seeks approval from pseudo-liberal communist-jihadi-evangelists who just want the Hindus to be wiped out.

The BJP should introspect and learn to stand by its core ideology and its workers on the ground who risk their lives for the party in very hostile conditions.

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