After Prime Minister Modi’s successful visit to Bangladesh, attacks on Hindu holy shrines are taking a toll in the neighboring country. India gave free 1.2 million dozes of Covid-19 vaccines as a friendly gesture so that diplomatic relations between the two countries can strengthen further, Despite such efforts, Hindus of Bangladesh are under constant threat from radical Islamic outfits.

Graph shows the population distribution by religion in Bangladesh. The population of the Hindu class which used to stand at 22 percent in 1954 has fallen down significantly to just 8.5 percent and if this trend continues there will be no Hindus left after 30 years, even there is no documented evidence of any Hindu genocide in Bangladesh but the atrocities and persecution has been increasing day by day.

Hindus lives really don’t matters as the all media watchdogs and Agencies of United Nations have turned a blind eye towards this issue. As per the Border Security forces who are posted on Indo-Bangladesh border, they sent a detailed report to home ministry in the year 2018 stating that majority of Hindus from Bangladesh have been reported to cross the border in order to save their lives from the Islamists who have captured their lands and made their life hell to survive. India faced the similar situation in 1971 when people of East-Pakistan (Present day Bangladesh) had started migrating towards India when West-Pakistan had left no stone to commit heinous crimes against their own countrymen.

In long run India might face the same situation if appropriate measures are not taken at right time because country is already facing acute shortage of resources and it wont be feasible to merge significant population from other country.

India has always vouched out for humanity and Modi government needs to highlight the plight of fellow Hindus from Bangladesh on International Diaspora because Hindus lives do matter.

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