Remember the Hindu hater idiot Furkan Khan? She had tweeted

If Indians give up.hinduism, they will will also be solving most of their problems what with all the piss drinking and dung worshipping.

Yep, this dimwit couldn’t even spell check. Sham journalist and Muzlim idiot Furkan got away with a slap on the wrist for this tweet and others. However, there is a competition at NPR for dimwit reporters.

Meet Lauren Frayer. She is probably cashing a big, fat check from Bill Gates and has ‘reported’ about Oximeters for cows in India.

Oximeters for cows. As humans die of oxygen shortages. And international aid piles up at Delhi’s airport, mired in customs queues.

NPR is not only a Hindu hating outlet, it is simply existing due to ‘donations’ from the likes of Billy boy. National Public Radio and affiliates ought to be ashamed of themselves for making a mockery of the #ChineseVirus mutant strain which has wrecked havoc on the Indian population.

Apologize, NPR, and fire the bimbos and nitwits.

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