I recently saw an NDTV interview (where else ) about the recent #NupurSharma controversy and saw the NDTV regular advocate Shadaf Farasat( Muslim, Doon School , Anto Modi, perfectly fits the NDTV criterion )  speak about the issue. As much as I was disgusted by what he spoke, let me be blunt, I was not shocked .  He pretty much represented every educated, so-called liberal, self declared intellectual Muslims that we see. Which is just an english speaking version of your average street Muslim found fixing punctures and declaring allegiance to Ghazwa e Hind and celebrating when Pakistan wins and shouting Sar Tan se Juda for every Hindu who speaks anything about Islam.

Shadan Farasat asked why the FIR against Nupur Sharma was delayed . Seriously dude , FIR on IPC 295 .

Section 295A in The Indian Penal Code
272 [295A. Deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage reli­gious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or reli­gious beliefs.—Whoever, with deliberate and malicious intention of outraging the religious feelings of any class of 273 [citizens of India], 274 [by words, either spoken or written, or by signs or by visible representations or otherwise], insults or attempts to insult the religion or the religious beliefs of that class, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to 4[three years], or with fine, or with both.]
IPC 295 says that intent to insult any religion . Did Nupur sharma intent to insult Islam ? ABSOLUTELY NOT .
Watch that  video again . Muslims on that show were insulting Lord Shiva and the Shivling. She retorted saying should I say something about you religion and quoted verses from Islamic religious books.
She quoted this verse
Geert Wilders on Twitter: "Afghanistan. A 55 year dirty old man had sex with a 9 year old girl. I cannot image anything worse for the poor girl. But it's halal for

All from your books.


Facts are facts . Prophet Mohammed married Ayesha when she was 6 and he was 50 and had sex with her when she was 9 and he was 53 . So what is INSULTING IN WHAT SHE SAID ? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING .

How does quoting from a religious book mount to insulting any religion? How does that amount to hurting ANY SENTIMENT or INSULTING ANYONE ? Have you lost your mind ?

You call yourself educated , intellectual who should be taken seriously , an advocate? You are a lawyer , your job is to see facts , speak facts , base your arguments on facts and this is the analogy you come up with ? Misuing, twisting  laws to imprison people with legal punishment because you can  ?

Pray , tell me how does quote from a book , amount to IPC 295 ?

Is that is so arrest every Muslim who quotes from Geeta , arrest every Christian who quotes from Guru Granth Sahib , Arrest every Sikh who quotes form Bible and no on ?

Seriously ? You are a Law graduate from NLSIU Bangalore and Harvard Graduate ? This is what your education and intellectual upbringing has steered you into ? This thought process . SHOCKING .

Or just like every other Muslim on this planet, the World of Allah, Quran , hadiths and Sunnah come above every other  teaching or education . Just like majority  Muslims on the street who wanst to achieve Ghazwa e Hind , refuses  to condemn terrorist acts by Muslims and support them. I know MANY educated Muslims , studied in best of universities who do not support LGTB , refuse to wish Hindus on their festivals, refuse to say Bharat mata ki jai and Vende Mataram .Well teh only differenec between you and them is that you speak English, went to the best fo institutes, and can use archaic English words  in interviews .

Below is another serve from one of your holy books where it states that young Ayesha would wash off semen from the clothes of her Husband Prophet Muhammed.

Aisha the semen scratcher + stallion semen : r/exmuslim

here is another one where it states that when Ayesha would on her periods , Prophet Mohammed would make her wear some special dress and fondle her above the waist .ALL FROM YOUR HOLY BOOK.

All taken from internet .

○ 𝗧𝗵𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱 | 𝗔𝗶𝘀𝗵𝗮 & 𝗠𝘂𝗵𝗮𝗺𝗺𝗮𝗱 𝗦𝗼𝗺𝗲 𝗜𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗲𝘀𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗙𝗮𝗰𝘁𝘀 𝗳𝗿𝗼𝗺 𝗦𝗮𝗵𝗶𝗵 𝗮𝗹-𝗕𝘂𝗸𝗵𝗮𝗿𝗶 ⚠️ All The Contents of This Thread is Taken from Sahih al-Bukhari &amp - Twitter thread from 𝗔𝗵𝗮𝗺 ...

Saw you rant about ” Atmosphere of hate having come into Indian post 2014 (i.e. Modi’s election win). ” WHAT HATE ?

Speaking truth is not hate . Yes after 2014 people have been fearless in speaking the truth .because Congress era of vote bank agenda-filled Muslims appeasement has gone . If truth seems like hate to you then probably you have been blind and deaf to the truth the whole time.

When does ANYONE hesitate to speak about the atrocity of Nazis , or British East India Company , or what Kim Jon Un does , or what Japanese did in East Asia, or what Europeans did to native Americans  ? NO ONE . Not even Brits , Germans or Japanese . When was speaking about FACTS and actual historial events , HATE ?

Infact I have seen Germans , British people acknowledge the wrongs done in the past . Apologize of it . I have NEVER SEEN any GERMAN defend the crimes of their ancestors, EVER . Everyone knows what Mughals and Brits did to India, everything is documented and yes we will talk about it openly . facts are Facts not hateful statements.

I hardly know ANY MUSLIM , even the the educated ones in Indian who denounces the Mughals , who were a genocidal cult , did genocide of Hindus and Sikhs , destroyed 40,000 temples , looted India and forcefully converted million .   HITLER is hated by the second generation of Gremany but here we have so-called educated muslims, whose ancestors were most probably forcefully converted to Islam defending and standing by them. How sick and Vile.Muslism leave no stone unturned and waste not time in reminding EVERY Hindu about random acts of Sati , random acts of Upper caste torture of Dalits to shame hindus .  Why should ANYONE  not talk about facts , be it of present of past ? Who is the authority to stop me ?

And Criticism in an integral part of Freedom fo Expression , YES ANYONE CAN CRTICIZE ANYTHING , Be it religion , person , party, organization or even judiciary .

NOTHING IS ABOVE CRITICISM . I am a BJP supporter but i openky criticize BJP when i think they have gone wrong . I openly criticized , mocked BJP , Modi when they suspended Nupur Sharma, She did NO WRONG.

Did she abuse Prophet Mohammed ? Did she call him named ? Did she post any Twitter image mocking Prophet Mohammed  ? She retorted with facts when Muslims on the debate were mocking hinduism. SHOW ME A VIDEO or ANY EVIDENCE that she used bacd language? You are a lawyer , let’s  talk evidence .

SO MANY Muslims intellectuals , journlists posted images on Twitter actually mocking Shivling , which was AN INTENDED act of insulting a religion . Why did you not ask for their arrest under IPC 295  ? Why do you not call them out ? Oh wait why would you call them out , you are a muslim and like any other Muslim , educated or not , you will support and protect you ummah and only call out Hindus and spin this narrative of fake opression , victimhood and ATMOSPHERE OF HATE . STOP IT , no one of even believing it anymore.

arfakhanum - Twitter Search / Twitter

Complaint filed against Mahua Moitra, Saba Naqvi and others for their tweets against Shivling

Timely action on Shivling 'jokes' could have prevented entire Nupur Sharma 'Controversy'

Go on Mr. Advovate , here I have given you evidence where some people are doing intended insult of a religion . File an FIR , Atleast call them out ? I DARE YOU .

Now show me an evidence where Nupur Sharma has on intention abused , or humiliated any religion . She was quoting from your Islamic texts . SIMPLE . If her quoting from Islamic text amounts to IPC 295 then get this man arrested as well .

And yeah. tell him to change his Marathi Brahmin surname , gives away his conversion lineage.

I  have heard you rant on NDTV for long about element of hate blah blah , but never saw you speak a word about Islamist terrorism or when Muslims kill hindus , expulsion of kashmiri Hindus when Muslims give Sar tan se Juda threats, many of which actually culminate into spine-chilling killings.

When was the last time when you ar ANY msulims of that matter said , i am ashamed to be a muslim when Kashmiri Hindus are killed by Muslims FOR BEING HINDUS .

When was the last time when you ar ANY msulims of that matter said , i am ashamed to be a muslim when Muslim men LIE to be hindus , trap hindu women , force them to convert and are many times killed. ? YES LOVE JIHAD is real because i have never heard of a hindu man pretending to be Christian to trap a christian women and then forcefully convert her or a Jain man pretending to be a Muslim to trap a muslim girl and then convert her . But i know hundreds of stories when Muslim man lie to be a Hindu , trapped HINDU girl and force her to convert . Hundreds of such stories. Mr. Advocate these are called evidence .

When was the last time when you are ANY Muslims of that matter said , i am ashamed to be a muslim when death threats are being given to a woman and millions are on street asking her to be beheaded ? Seriously ?

Forget about the killing of Hindus in Kashmir or India , I know educated Muslims, who Support Al Qaeda, Taliban , and always get defensive or justify every Islamic act of terrorism .

No , there is NO ELEMENT of hate in indian . After 2014 there is an element of truth and expose of all of what happened . And we will speak up . Speaking truth is not a crime and quoting from books is no crime.

Yes BJP did suspend Nupur Sharma just to calm the situation , we all know it was  lip service , a red herring . NO ONE IS APOLOGETIC .  Modi did that to ensure that the fire does not spread .   NO ONE GIVES A FLYING FCK ABOUT WHAT ANY COUNTRY THINKS .

When was teh last time any Muslims country , OIC or for that matter ANY MUSLIM speak up gainst the genocide of Muslims that is happening in CHina . NO ONE . I dare you give a speech about China doing genocide of Muslims . NO BALLS rights to take on china , but rant against Indian and Modi where Muslims enjoy minority privilege.

We are not a violent group , you will never see Hindus pelt stones .That begs me ask where do muslims get SO MANY stones to pelt . You can’t find SO MANY BIG stoned idly lying around on the streets right ? Does that mean all these stone peltings are pre planned, stones collected in advance to cause riots ? Specially after Friday prayers ? Damn why do educated muslims like you not ask for legal measures for such arson ? Oh wait Ummah above constitution . DAMN SILLY ME .

I know you will take me to court and I am prepared for it.  Infact my reply to all the charges you will put on me .

I know your standard comeback will be to call me a 2 Rs. Bhakt troll. Darling , Yawwwnn . I mean expecting a logical , fact-laden argument and retort from a NON Sanghi has lesser chance than finding a unicorn riding a Dinosaur or  a man riding a donkey to heaven . Maybe in another era or on another a planet .

Just like you think of yourself as a high IQ intellectual and Sanghis are rergressive, I can think of you as a low IQ wannabee , which I have proven.It’s called Freedom Of Expression ,which you Jaishe e Liberals claim to be a defender of .Or it it conditional? Are low IQ , Gau mutra drinking BJP supporters not allowed FoE ? Is name-calling and mocking on a public platform a privilege to the WOKE club only ?

Now you will do either or all of the following:-

1. Play victim , call this post as hounding by a 2 Rs Gau mutra Drinking Bhakt .

2. Call it an attack on the Freedom of Expression and go to NDTV and rant about how Modi paid 2 Rs trolls are attacking FoE.

3. Use your religion to play victim, how Muslims are attacked by 2 Rs. paid trolls of Modi . But I doubt if this will hold water as I am a woman . Gender victim card trump religion victim card of a male .DAMN .

4. Pose with placards about Brahmical Patriarchy and sexism. But again I am a woman so that cancels out . Blimey .

5. All the above.

And Mister “I will defend Freedom of Expression until it attacks and questions me, if you wanna take me to court, I will be more than willing to humiliate you in court as well”.

All statements of yours are freely available on youtube and this article is a public comeback to your public statement . If you can have a public statement on issues , then someone can have public statements on your statement , that is called Freedom of Expression . I guess you would have read the constitution .

My reply to your case against me is ready . Summon me and I will be more than willing to humiliate and expose you in court .

As a lawyer please ask cases to be filed against these arsonists under IPC 425, IPC 506, IPC 503 , IPC 144 . Go on I dare you . If you are a lawyer, who has been authorized to follow law, you should call out these criminal acts. Even if it means against people of your own faith .

Seriously what’s with this stone-pelting after every Jumma ki Namaz ? Is this what is said in these Friday namaz Congregations ?

You seem to have a lot of problem with cries of Hindu Rashtra (where every other religion will be freely allowed to practice their faith ) but never say anything  majority of muslims swear of Ghazwa e Hind.

You cry victimhood and scream when muslims are being targetted when people call out crimes of Muslims and their targetted agenda aginst hindus but stay silent muslims cheer for pakistan incricket matches and celebrate openly with fireworks when Pakistan wins , especially against Indian . YES WE HINDUS will call out Muslims if they cheer for Pakistan Question their allegiance and loyalty?

When a random road rage incident happens and one man happens to be a Hindu and other Muslims , All Muslims and NDTV (as always ) scream victimhood, Muslims unsafe in BJP rule , fascism , nazism , blah blah ism, Strange all of you vanish into thin air when Kashmiri Hindus are killed or some Hindu women trapped by a Muslim man lying to be a hindu and then found in a suitcase ?

Tab kya mooh me dahi jam jaati hai Mr. Advocate ?

Suresh Chavanhke talking about UPSC JIhad is a crime and he should be arrested , but millions of muslims marching and screaming sar tan se juda for Nupur Sharma is oh so kosher because Quran says to behead anyone who insults the prophet ?

Why stay silent on the latter . Or when Muslims give Ghazwa e Hind threats ?

Sudarshan News 'UPSC Jihad' Hate Speech Similar to Radio Rwanda: Adv Shadan Farasat to SC



Oh yes found this verse from your holy book . Can i mock this ? Or will you ask me to be imprisoned? I am student of science and no evidence suggests that moon was ever sliced in two (and then joined back ) . Damn i winder how many trillion tonnes of feviquick would be needed for that . Oops IPC 295 coming soon .

Calm down mister lawyer , hold it . Just becaus eno one has given it back to you , exposed your hypocricy and double standards w.r.t law , does not mean you can get away .  Waiting for your legal notice .

Woodlands Islamic Center on Twitter: "#Allah had bestowed the #HolyProphet (ﷺ) with a number of miracles; one of them was the *𝐬𝐩𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐦𝐨𝐨𝐧*. When the unbelievers challenged the Prophet to

So Mr. Harvard Educated Lawyer , can i Talk about and discuss and criticize Prophet Mohammed about the killing of Asma Bint Marwan or will i be out in prison ?

From what i read on internet , it is said that Asma Bint Marwan was a pagan poetess who refused to accept Prophet Mohammed and a Prophet and wrote poems criticizing him ,so angel of peace , feminist Prophet Mohammed asked her to be killed and she was killed on her bed while feeding her newborn baby ?

Killing a woman, a new mother because she refused to accept someone as prophet and wrote poems against that ? I will criticize it. This is a fact . Talking about this , criticizing it is not a crime. That is NOT HATE .  So by discussing an actual event that happened , i am spreading HATE . I pray Mr. Harvard Educated lawyer , please enlighten me .

Will I meet the same fate as Asma bint marwan ?



Or when I talk about Ridda Wars or Banu Qurayza  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invasion_of_Banu_Qurayza

Will you ask for me to get arrested when I will talk about Yezzidi women being kept and sold as sex slaves because that is allowed in Islam as Maal e Ganimat and that prophet mohammed also took slave women . I mean these are facts right ?

Nadia , the lady who won the Nobel peace prize detailed how she and thousands of other Yezidi women were kept as sex slaves , raped by multiple men , many times a day , sold and resold while teh wives of the terrorists supported these acts it was all kosher under Maal e Ganimat .



What is Maal-e-Ghanimat? How is it to be divided as per Islamic law? - Quora

Sanjay Dixit ಸಂಜಯ್ ದೀಕ್ಷಿತ್ संजय दीक्षित on Twitter: "From minor girls to married girl, Islam views all kafir women as maal-e-ghanimat or booty. Quoting Quranic verses here may be dangerous as @TwitterIndia


Hundreds of Yezzidi Women were burnt alive because they refused to convert to Islam. I know the comeback , ISIS does not represent ISLAM . Last i read they live their life by ther verses of quran , many such captors woudl recite quran while raping these yezzidi sex slaves and their wives helped them.

FACTS are FACTS . One can talk about it , discuss it . And that is nogt hate . And i will not allow all SUPER FRINGE , CRINGE APOLOGISTS to take away my freedom of expression . NO dar tar se juda chant or threat of court cases will deter me from speaking my mind over facts.

Jan 624 – Asma’ bint Marwan

Feb 624 -Abu Afak

March 624 –Nadr Bin Harith

Dec 624 -Abu Rafi

Jan 630 – Abdullah Bin Khatal

Jan 630 – Slave girl Fartana killed for singing satirical songs about Muhammad.

Show me when any Muslims said I am ashamed to be a muslim when men and beheaded and killed in europe , when random attacks happen in europe ? NO ONE .

A shia genocide is happening in Pakistan and Afganistan , got balls to call it out ?

Sunnis are opressed in Tehran , got balls to call it out .

Everyday Hindus , Christian , Sikhs  are bieng raped , killed, forcibly married off in Pakistan but let’s oppose CAA and never make any mention of

Speech against UPSC Jihad but no spine to give speech against China . TYPICAL MUSLIM .  Why DOES NO MUSLIM EVER CALL OUT CHINA , and by call out i mean a full-fledged speech , march outside Chinese embassy , Shaheen bagh type dharna outside Chinese Embassy ? NO BALLS ?

Muslim say they are opressed in India . Muslims drink , smoke, have pre marital sex, live in with their partners , extra amrital affairs , wear no burqa, hang out with non mehram men and nothing happedn to them. We all know whta would happen , as per quran if they did anyone this in any islamic ocuntry right ?


Can a non-muslim go and make a temple , church , gurudwara in any islamic country ? NO

Can a non muslim marry  amuslim without converting , in any islamic country ? NO

Muslim wear their skull cap , keep beard in India. can a hindu weqar a tika or sindoor in any islamic country ?  NO

In Iran and Saudi women who do not wear hijab or hang out with men are imprisoned  . in 2022

Apostates are killed in many islamic countries or imprisoned . NOT ALLOWED to leave islam . So much for human rights .

Apostates are killed in many islamic ountry . LGTB are thrown from tall buildings . So mr.  Harvard educated lawyer , why don’t you ever call you call them , in public , in a scathing speech like you do for UPOSC JIhad. Ojh wait cheap hypocrite will never do that else he will aos get Sar tan se juda threats .

Never saw you lecture.

Gandhi outside and Godse Insie . HAHAHA SO laughable .

We are Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj outside and Chatrapati Shivaji maharaj Inside .

But for you muslims , you are always the same .










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