I am not a great body language expert but the latest video of Rahul Gandhi makes me question what is there, that something which is missing in today’s time! I found the answer. Self confidence in Hindu youth. But how will this confidence come?

Not by this stereotyping of Indians as done by Rahul Gandhi by tanning himself brown, just to prove a point that he is more Indian than you. This is not any different from a similar stunt done by Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeauback in his college days where he painted himself black colour to Bhagwan knows what! There is an irritating similarity between Rahul and Justin.

Both got politics in ’bapoti’. Both are little pretentious. I hope the similarity end before the chair of prime minister become a commonality between the two. It is my general practice not to target any person like this. The writeup is just one of the many sets of questions people will raise. Repeatedly I ask, why did Rahul Gandhi tanned himself. I mean seriously? Who is giving him fashion advice? To told him he should try to darken himself and change hair style? It’s his choice , I obviously know it.

What I am trying to say is, why did he tanned himself?This is what I don’t understand. If his core PR TEAM ever reads this article, please, it’s my request, don’t do this, stop it. You are making Rahul Gandhi a laughing stock. It’s a matter of shame for us that an Indian leader, however, he is, being mocked all over the globe. This pains me. And I am not even going into the logical black holes in his arguments which he presents in the video.

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