Adnyapatra (royal edict), a treatise on the principles of Maratha policy was authored by Ramchandra Pant Amatya, a minister and general of the Maratha Empire. It is supposed to be the formal documentation of Maratha polity under Shivaji Maharaj. This work also goes a long way in highlighting Maratha theory of administration, that it was not just a “rule by Sword” arrangement.

Two foreign relation gems from Adnyapatra still relevant-

“Adjoining enemy is a disease in stomach-They are the means of fulfilling the evil designs of bigger rival. To neglect an enemy of such type, to put off till tomorrow what can be achieved today would be very improper.”

How prophetic ! Are we paying the price for tolerating a nuisance like Pakistan for long? Is China the bigger rival here?

“Enemy should not be given any respite till it is finished off.”

Our four victories over Pakistan were not successful in destroying its capacity for war for good, how much respite have we given to this state in last 70 odd years? Our aim needs to be nothing short of it complete destruction.

In the words of C. CHRISTINE FAIR, “The army‚Äôs arrogation of the responsibility for defending the ideology of Pakistan means that it defines the threat from India in ideational and civilizational as well as military terms. For the army,acquiescing to India is tantamount to accepting that the two-nation theory is illegitimate or defunct, thus undermining the founding logic of Pakistan itself. No military, political, or diplomatic defeat Pakistan has yet suffered has been adequate to persuade the army to revise its anti‚Äďstatus quo position (not only its claims to Kashmir but also its resistance to India‚Äôs hegemonic aspirations in the region and beyond). Pakistan‚Äôs defense writers take pride in Pakistan‚Äôs role as the sole country with the courage to deny India the hegemonic status it ostensibly craves.”

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