Ramayan contains the description of Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Mongolia, Vietnam, China etc. So I decided to begin my search with Indonesia. Amazingly, I found something unexpected. The Eka Karya Botanical Garden of Indonesia describes the Ramayan in an amazing way.

The beautiful statue of Kumbakaran fighting with vanar sena as depicted in Ramayan stands with proud in grounds of this garden.

The second statue of Lord Ram, with his bow and arrow clearly depicts the scene of Ramayan.

As the story of Ramayan describes, the statue depicts the fight of Jatayu with Ravan while Ravan was trying to kidnap Sita and Jatayu was trying to defend Sita.

The statue of Lord Hanuman going to Lanka in the quest of Sita. (Ravan has kidnapped Sita and Hanuman on the orders of Ram took the task of finding Sita.)

Recently, even the Princess of Indonesia has converted herself to Hinduism. She calls Hinduism as her ancestor’s religion as her original religion. She says that she finds peace in her religion. That’s the power of Sanatan Dharm, that’s the power of LORD RAM, an inernational God.

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