There is no official document calling it pension. It was surveillance allowance given to many political prisoners . Savarkar too received this allowance for a specific time period.
It was british policy to give allowance to political prisoners.
Savarkar was under surveillance from 1924 – 1937 so in 1929 to meet his expenses he applied for allowance that he received till 1937. Note : Only 60Rs/month given to him
Source: Sir Vikram Sampath’s Book.

Gandhi got allowance of 100Rs/month during his arrest in 1930.

(Source: National Archives )

While the allowance to Mahatma Gandhi increased from Rs 100 in 1930 to Rs 450 in 1943-44 and then to Rs 550 during subsequent arrests

This is list of allowance given to many political prisoner.
This includes Abdul Ghaffar Khan,
Vallabhbhai Jhaverbhai Patel and many more.

Many Bengal – punjab revolutionaries got allowances. Here is list of a few

This list shows allowance given to many political prisoners including Netaji Bose received Rs 3 and 8 annas daily and Rs 32 monthly.

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