Observing the recent developments in India on the socio-political scene, one clear paradigm shift is visible in Indian society. The Hindu will no more tolerate nonsensical or tyrannical approaches in society from his Muslim and Christian brothers and sisters. Let me elaborate.

Prior to the 12th century, the real message of Islam (mystical Islam) was welcomed in Indian society. From the 12th century onwards, mystical Islamic concepts in the Quran were forgotten and the social customs mentioned, which were appropriate to the Arab environment at that point in time gained prominence. All the invaders –  Arab, Turk and Persian, tried enforcing the social customs on the Indian people, which gained their wrath. Unfortunately, this practice is on till now, which is not welcomed by Indian society. Hence, the progressive members of Islam in India should question these aspects and bring back the real message of Islam to regain respect in society.

Likewise, mystical Christianity was welcomed long back in Indian society from the early Christian era. Unfortunately, the British brought with them zealous missionaries who wrongfully debased everything that is Hindu and resorted to forceful conversions hurting the Indian fabric. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction even in society. As has been painfully evident, violence begets violence with no clear winners.

It is time that the progressive voices in the Indian Islamic and Christian communities join hands with Hindu leaders who appreciate the mystical aspects of their religions to ensure the reform of their respective orthodox communities. 

Reform is the only way to regain the respect of the Hindu and help enrich Indian society.

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