District Magistrate Eats Meal Cooked By Widow To Dismiss Superstitions Against Her. True Hero!

District Magistrate of Gopalganj, Bihar turned out to be the hero of the occasion when he helped a widow in the most amazing way possible.

A government school in Gopalganj, Bihar banned a woman Sunita Kuwar, from cooking food for midday meals at the same school, just because she is a widow and they believe eating food cooked by her will bring them bad luck.


Sunita told the Telegraph that she was being victimized just because she was a widow. She also added, “I have to look after my two minor children. I am fighting my battle alone and running from one office to another to get justice for the past 21 months.”

Sunita’s troubles began in January when the same villagers who had helped her find the job after her husband passed away, starting questioning her character and termed her cooking for the children as a bad omen. But she isn’t one to back down.


That is when Sunita approached the District Manager of Gopalganj, Rahul Kumar, who assured her that he would help her out to get her reinstated at the school.

And true to his word, Rahul Kumar helped her, but he also managed to dispel the superstitions of the villagers with a solid, cheeky response – he made Sunita cook for him and ate the meal in full view of the villagers.


Kumar said, “I along with district education officer visited the school today and ate the midday meal prepared by the lady for students”. Following his action, the villagers have withdrawn their protests for as of now.

He, along with the district education officer did something that not only helped Sunita, but also set an example for people blindly believing in these superstitions.


Sunita was hopeful, that after Rahul Kumar’s intervention she might get her job back, and that is exactly what happened. Rahul Kumar not only had the meal cooked by her but also asked officials to find out the real reason on why she was asked to stop cooking in the first place.

Way to go Rahul Kumar! We need more people like you in the country.

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