Sri Narada said:
In the Smrti-Shastra the Great Sages, who have Vyasa as their leader, explain that The Supreme Lord descends on Earth (as Avatar) in Six Kind of Forms :-

1. amsamsa (a part of a part)
2. amsa (a part)
3. avesha (entrance into a jiva),
4. kala (a full part as Time),
5. purna (Full Form)
6. paripurnatma (Absolute Full Supreme Soul)

– Garga Samhita 1.16


The Lord’s original, Paripurnatma Form is Shri Krishna and no one else.
Coming to this world to execute one mission, He executes millions of missions.

He is perfect and complete. He is the oldest.
He is the most exalted of exalted persons.
He is greater than the greatest.
He is the Supreme Person. He is the master of the exalted.
Of He who is full of bliss, who is jewel-mine of mercy,
Who is a jewel-mine of transcendental virtues, I take shelter.

– Garga Samhita 1.26 – 27


When they saw that the Many Universes were like many kutaja fruits bobbling in the gigantic Karana Ocean, they all became frightened and surprised.

– Garga Samhita 2.12


The Devas said: Obeisances to Sri Krishna, who is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, greater than the greatest, the master of sacrifices, the cause of causes, the partner of Radha, the most perfect, and the Lord who resides in Goloka. The masters of yoga say You are the Brahman effulgence, and the great devotees say You have a form. Today we understand Your feet. Obeisances to You, the master of the Brahman effulgence.

– Garga Samhita 3.15 – 16


O Lord, they who reject to serve Your Lotus Feet, and instead visit sacred places, perform sacrifices and austerities, and try to get materialist studies are stopped by a host of obstacles. How miserably will they fail.

– Garga Samhita 3.19


O King of Vrindavana,
O King of the Mountains’ King,
O King of Vraja,
O King who enjoys cowherd-boy pastimes eternally,
O King of Radha,
O King of the great philosophers,
O Lifter of Govardhana Hill,
O Lord who can do any impossible task,
Please Save Us!

– Garga Samhita 3.22


The Vedas are My Words.
The Brahmana Priests are My Mouth.
The Cows are My Body.
You Devas are My limbs.
My Devotees are the life-breath in My Heart.

Millennium after millennium, whenever the blasphemers stop Religion, Sacrifice, and Mercy — I Descend Myself.

– Garga Samhita 3.26 – 27


Powerful Vayu will descend as Bhima, Svayambhuva as Arjuna, Satarupa as Subhadra, and Savitar as Karna.
The two Ashvini-Kumaras will descend as Nakula and Sahadeva.
Dhata will descend as heroic Bahlika, and powerful Vahni (Agni) as Dronacharya.

A partial incarnation of kali-purusha will descend as Duryodhana. Soma will descend as Abhimanyu. Rudra will place His own form on the earth as Drona’s Son. In this way, by My order, the Devas will take birth in the families of the Yadus, Kurus, and other human kings.

Whenever in the past I incarnated in the world, the Goddess of Fortune (Goddess Lakshmi) would also incarnate as My Queen.
This time she will incarnate as My sixteen-thousand queens.

– Garga Samhita 5.28 – 32


A hundred times the demon-king Kansa uprooted the mountain, held it high, and set it again in its place. When he saw Lord Parashurama, who was as effulgent as Surya (The Sun) during Pralaya (Cosmic Dissolution), and whose eyes were now red with anger, Kansa immediately bowed his head before the wise sage, circumambulated Him, and fell at His Feet.

– Garga Samhita 6.32


There, eager to fight, Kansa said to Narakasura, who was a son of the earth-goddess, and Pragjyotisa City’s very powerful king,
“O king of the demons, please give me a fight. If you are victorious, I will become your servant. If I am victorious I will make you my servant.”

– Garga Samhita 6.50 – 51


The gopis said:
May Shri Krishna protect Your head. May Vaikuntha protect Your neck.
May the Lord of Svetadvipa, Hari, protect Your ears. May Lord Yajna protect Your nose.

May Lord Narsimha protect Your two eyes. May Lord Rama protect Your tongue.
May Lord Nara-Narayana protect Your Lips. May the four Kumaras, who are Hari’s kala expansions, protect Your cheeks.
May Lord Sveta Varaha protect Your forehead. May Narada protect the two vines of Your eyebrows.

May Lord Kapila protect Your chin. May Lord Dattatreya protect Your chest. May Lord Rsabha protect both Your shoulders. May Matsya protect Your hands.
May powerful Prithu always protect Your arms. May Lord Kurma protect Your abdomen. May Lord Dhanvantari protect Your navel. May Mohini-devi protect your hidden parts. My Lord Vamana protect Your hips. May Lord Parashurama protect Your back. May Lord Vyasa protect Your thighs. May Lord Balarama protect Your knees. May Lord Buddha protect Your shins. May Lord Kalki, the master of religion, protect Your ankles and feet.

– Garga Samhita 13.15 – 20


The word “vasu” means “The Senses”, and the word “deva” means “Lord of The Heart”. Because He acts within the hearts and senses of the living entities, He is known as Vasudeva.

– Garga Samhita 15.33


The sage said: With all my heart I bow down before Nanda’s gently-smiling, sweetly graceful, handsome son, whose large eyes are hundred-petal lotuses, whose lips are bimba fruits, and whose complexion is splendid as a blue monsoon cloud.

I offer my respectful obeisances to He who, decorated with anklets and ornaments, a belt of nine jewels, a beautiful necklace, and a string of lion’s nails, glorious with dots of black musk, and His glance removing all sufferings, plays as a child on the Yamuna’s shore.

Obeisances, obeisances to You, who are Balarama’s companion and Nanda’s son, whose bowed head is a lotus flower, and above whose face, which is like a Full Moon, are curly locks of hair, glistening like new dark clouds.

Nanda’s son (Shri Krishna) happily comes within the vision of a person who rises early and recites these prayers glorifying Him.

– Garga Samhita 20.25 – 27


The activities of the Lord’s previous incarnations are all very auspicious.
Still, Lord Krishna’s activities and past-times are the most pure.

– Garga Samhita 20.34


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