One cannot attain Lord Hari (Vishnu) by the cultivation of knowledge (jñāna) or the performance of pious deeds (karma). These two are useless. That is my opinion. One cannot attain Lord Hari (Vishnu) by knowledge, pious deeds, renunciation, austerities, charity, or other auspicious activities.

Lord Hari (Vishnu) is attained only by Devotional Service (bhakti), a service that in Kali-yuga is rare and difficult to attain. That is why I, pushed by a host of worries, now take shelter of you (Sadashiva).

– Sanat-Kumar Samhita Verse 23 – 25


And thus, Lord Sadashiva, being pleased with Narada’s devotion, revealed these Two Mantras to Him from Verse 32 to Verse 37 of the Samhita, and He said in Verse 32 that these two Krishna Mantras are the Crest Jewels among the Krishna Mantras :-

Gopijana-vallabha-caranau saranam prapadye
(I take shelter of the feet who is beloved to Gopis)

Namo gopījana-vallabhābhyām
(Obeisances to the Divine Couple, who are dear to the Gopis)



In the three worlds the most fortunate place is the Earthly Planets.
The best of them is Jambudvīpa (Earth).
In Jambudvīpa the best place is Bhārata-varṣa (India).
In Bhārata-varṣa the best place is Mathurā-purī (City of Mathura).

– Sanat-Kumar Samhita Verse 78


When a person no longer desires to enjoy the things of this world, he should consider how to finally severe all collection with this world. Only when he succeeds in doing this, will the unhappy also attain peerless happiness.

– Sanat-Kumar Samhita Verse 89


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