A 50-year-old man called Shahid Qureshi was taken into custody in connection with the crime by the Uttar Pradesh Police days after the decapitated body of a young woman was discovered in the Lakkhipura neighbourhood of Meerut. The suspect is the man whose daughter’s death was discovered on August 12. The woman has been recognised as Shaina, a young woman who is Shahid Qureshi’s daughter. According to journalist Sachin Gupta of Dainik Bhaskar, Qureshi organised his daughter’s Nikah because he wanted her to be married. Shaina, however, did not accept the idea. She vehemently disagreed with the proposal, which infuriated her father, who then killed his daughter. He detached her head, then draped a bedsheet over her lower body.The woman’s head is still missing, according to the Meerut Police.

As previously said, the body was discovered by villagers in a sewer close to Lane 28 in the Lakkhipura neighbourhood. The police’s initial assumption was that the suspect had killed the woman somewhere else and dumped the body parts in the drain to hide his identify. An identically beheaded and dismembered body of a lady was discovered earlier in 2019. It took the police a year to eventually apprehend the suspect, Saqib, who had initially eloped with a 19-year-old woman before killing her with assistance from his relatives. Additionally, six people were detained in June 2020 for the murder of Ekta Jaisalwal of Ludhiana.

The police have so far located and detained the accused in the current case. Police are still seeking for the deceased woman’s head, though. The case is being looked into further.

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