Why should only wives touch their husband’s feet? Why can’t husbands touch their wife’s feet? Where is equality? Hindu society is Patriarchal!! Hinduism promotes Misogyny!! These sentences could easily be heard if you sit next to a woke feminist for an hour. But does the wife touching her husband’s feet routed in misogyny? And should husbands start touching their wife’s feet to bring up equality and show respect to their partners? Let’s find out.

Any man who loves his partner will never touch his wife’s feet!! Pativarta Dharma ranks above all Swadharmas for Women to attain moksha. By touching her feet the man is causing a hindrance in her Swadharma. Patriarchy/Misogyny/Equality/Feminism/Matriarchy …these tags don’t fit in Hinduism. Hinduism runs with the concept of providing different spaces for different energies. Hinduism might sometimes appear to promote Patriarchy and at the same time, it might appear to promote Matriarchy. The concept of “absolute equality” is a big farce !!

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