Bollywood has long tradition of naming the protagonists by hindu deities. Let’s see three examples here:

  1. The movie Fire (1996) was based on the novel “Lihaaf” by Ismat Chugtai, where the character names were: – Begum Jan & Rabbo. But in the bollywood movie, the characters suddenly become: Sita & Radha.
  2. Many would know the item song “Radha” in the movie “Student Of The Year” (2019). The lyrics goes like this “Radha your naughty sight,….. “. But why they chose Radha? Why not Ayesha, Salma or Fatima?
  3. The movie “Laxxmi Bomb” is remake of south movie “Kanchana” (2011), where the main character’s name was “Raghav”. But in the bollywood version, the character name is consciously chosen as “Asif” who is love with a Hindu girl. Moreover, the movie itself named after Hindu deity.

Why Bollywood is so obsessed with Hindu deities and Hindu sentiments?

Does Bollywood promote Hinduphobia?

Let’s call it freedom of expression and be tolerant.

That reminds me the Iranian movie “Muhamad: The Messenger of God (2015)” which is directed by a Muslim Majid Majidi. The film got banned in India, so the sentiments of minority will not get hurt. But then, what about freedom of expression? Why Bollywood kept quite? Why they didn’t protest against this ban?

Do Hindu’s sentiments also matters in Bollywood? Or they will be always treated like dirt in the Bollywood movies like in the past?

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