Sanjeev Prakashan, a publication house based in Jaipur, became the latest target of Islamist vandalism and goondaism on Wednesday evening . Sanjeev Prakashan’s office was severely attacked and vandalized because Islamists, jihadists were upset over the description of Islam and Islamic terrorism in one of the books published by it.

The Organiser reported that the office staff complained that the jihadist goondas physically assaulted the staff of the publication. Pertinently, the attack happened right in the presence of police which helplessly watched the mayhem unleashed by Islamists at the publication house office.

The publication house had earlier filed a complaint to the police as they had been receiving threat calls from jihadists for many days. Following their police complaint the police deployed some security personnels at the office.

But the Islamist goondas reigning terror on the publication house outnumbered the police deployed there and perhaps the security deployed there were either not armed suitably or did not have the requisite permission from their superiors to use suitable force to suppress the jihadist mob.
The jihadist attackers broke computers, furniture other office equipment and physically beat up the office staff of the publication house.

As usual, the pseudo-secular mainstream media and so-called champions of free speech have neither bothered to report about the incident nor condemn it. It would not be surprising if the usual suspects mentioned above try to justify the Jihadists attack on Sanjeev Publication by blaming the publication house for the attack by apologetically claiming that the book published by the publishing house was a grave provocation. As according to these pseudo-intellectuals and their global counter parts, only Islamists have human rights and freedom of speech and freedom to kill annihilate all opposition to them in the world, the rest of the humanity specially the Hindus are simply not humans.

News Input and Image Source: Organiser

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