Oct 16, 2020 – We have observed that some miscreants in Japan have been trying to spread incorrect information to malign an image of India, largest democracy in the world. Few people are trying to create a perception that Indians in Japan want to protest democratically elected Government of India. We, the Indian Diaspora in Japan, categorically reject any such claims. We condemn any such attempts involving fake protest in front of UN office in Tokyo for photo opportunities. We strongly believe that such attempts are highly motivated by anti-Indian elements by using fake reports.

We stress on Women empowerment and safety and we condemn the rape incidents as well as any crime against humanity. We also condemn the misuse of any specific rape incident for anyone’s political ill intentions. We do agree that whole world, including India, Japan and all other major & minor countries have been witnessing the rape cases every year. However, we categorically deny any fake claims suggesting India as a worst hit nation with rape incidents because as per the data (refer below for details) on rape-rate, India is not even among the top 75 worst hit countries. Moreover India has a robust legal system and we are having a full trust in Indian Judiciary.

We, the Indian Diaspora in Japan, are a peace-loving community which is proud of its Motherland, India and Karmabhoomi, Japan. We do not involve in any such political protests and rather we are focused on promoting social and cultural exchanges while preserving our professional values.

From Indian Diaspora in Japan

Rape Statistics by Country 2020 Source: https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/rape-statistics-by-country

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