I have been thinking of writing another blog for a long time, had almost made up my mind to write about the UP elections but never really got around to it.

Today, such a thing happened that shook me to my very core, the deliberate, targeted killing of Harsha in Shivamogga. This is another in the series of targeted Hindu killings by Muslims. I won’t call them Islamists or radicals, I will only call them Muslims because that’s what they are, they are following their religion that teaches them to hate and kill.

There can be no more pussyfooting around this, the time for political correctness is over, now is the time to call out the hate filled cult and bring them to justice. A justice that’s doesn’t take 14 years, a justice that chills them and strikes terror into their hearts.

Why should we be scared? We are the descendants of Maharana Pratap, Veer Shivaji, Lalitaditya Muktapids, Zorawar, Lachit Borphukan. We are the rock against whom wave after wave of these Mlechhas crashed, and yet here we stand tall. We are the only still standing civilization against these murdering marauders. Our ancestors stood tall and now the onus is on us. We owe it to our ancestors and we owe it to our children. We don’t know what all our ancestors endured to ensure that we continue in Sanatana Dharma, we can’t be weak and let them down just to lead a cushy life.

This is our land, Bharat and Sanatana Dharma are intertwined and one can’t exist without the other. This land is our mother, it is a living Goddess, it the land where our Gods took birth. We are blessed to call this land our home and this land deserves all the sacrifices that we can make.

Do not divide on caste or region lines, it was all created merely to divide us and reduce our power. After all, we all are kafirs and deserve death in their eyes. Do not hate our own brothers but do remember those who have forsaken us and forsaken Dharma are also Mlechhas. Remember Karna, despite being a Kunti Putra, he died with the Kauravas because he chose their side

Do not let Dharma down, don’t let Bharat down. Do not let Harsha, Kishan, Rupesh, Hira and those other countless Hindus down, whose names were erased from memory because a certain narrative didn’t deem their lives worthy enough.

Ending with a few lines from Sadhvi Rithambra’s famous speech,

“Veer Shivaji aur Maharan Pratap ka goonj utha wo naara hai,

Kaho garv se hum Hindu hain, Hindustan humara hai.

Arre Mlechhon ko Ma Durga ke beton ne lalkara hai,

Kaho garv se hum Hindu hain, Hindustan humara hai.”

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