Pakistan is a country full of evil, vicious monsters, and this was proven yet again after a video of 9-year old Fatima went viral.  In the video, a half naked and bruised Fatima, is trying to get up from the floor of a bedroom.  The video also shows a grown man in the same room, also half naked, getting up from the bed. The man was later identified as Pir Asad Shah.  Fatima was brought dead to her family, who were forced to quickly bury her, and say she died of natural causes.

The heinous crime took place in Ranikot, District Khairpur in Sindh, at the house of Pir Syed Asad Shah.  Fatima lived on the property as bonded labour, as is customary of all influential Pirs in Sindh and Southern Punjab. According to her family, Fatima’s body was found bruised and battered everywhere.  Her arm was broken in two places, and hot iron was applied to her back by Syeda Sonia Shah, wife of Pir Asad.

The police was in cohorts with the influential Pir and tried to cover up the incident, until it was taken up by some social media activists for children.  The SHO and a doctor alongwith Pir Asad Shah are now in jail while post mortem and other inquiries are underway.

According to the parents of Fatima, the father in law of Pir Asad forced her to give a statemet that Fatima died after being ill.  But now she has come forward to share the truth.  The family of Fatima are devotees of the Pirs, and they have shared that each devotee has to give one underaged daughter to the Pirs to ‘save’ them.  This shocking statement further reveals that more than 100 young girls are in captivity of different Pirs and Syeds of Ranipur under the same pretext.  These little girls are not allowed to contact their parents and are kept under bondage indefinitely.

Another curious finding from this whole episode is the presence of a video camera inside the bedroom of Pir Asad.  The footage of little Fatima which was shared on social media, was taken from the police after the former took custody of all available video footage.  This is a clear indication towards the fact that similar to the Kasur child porn scandal, the Pirs of Ranipur could also be involved in something much sinister than child exploitation for personal gratification.

The Pir of Ranipur family has two MNAs in national assembly of Pakistan and at least three MPAs in the Sindh assembly.

This is the second such incident in the current month where a child was subjected to extreme physical torture at the hands of a well to do community leader in Pakistan.  Several hundred such cases are suspected to have gone unreported every year.  Pakistan is truly a living hell for anyone who is not monied or powerful.

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