A Swedish Euro MP Abir al-Sahlani cut off her hair in parliament in support of Iranian women who are protesting against the Iranian regime. She called for EU action against Iran


Abir al-Sahlani said “We, the people and citizens in the EU, demand the unconditional and immediate halt of all violence against women and men in Iran,”. She also said Iranian women have shown courage for three weeks in a row. They are paying the ultimate price with their lives for freedom. She said that speaking in the media will not work now, it is time to take action. He further said that the hands of religious leaders in Iran are stained with blood. Neither history nor Almighty God will forgive them for the crimes they are committing against humanity against their own people. It must be noted that last week, the UN chief expressed concern about reports of rising deaths in demonstrations in Iran. He called on Iran’s security forces to stop using unnecessary force.


There was a spark which was building in Iran for few years and finally the spark turned into fire after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini. It. 22-year-old Mehsa Amini was arrested by the police on 13 September for not wearing a hijab. She went into a coma after being beaten by the police and three days later Mehsa Amini died. After this incident, women started a ‘No to Hijab’ campaign to protest against the fanaticism that makes hijab compulsary.



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