Right form the time a child enters school (s)he is taught that Taj Mahal is a symbol of love that stands unblemished for centuries. Lets analyze this fact, and also compare with Ram Sethu, another structure have a big historic, cultural and emotional appeal in India.

  1. Lets start with Begum Mumtaz Mahal. Shahjahan killed her husband to marry her. She died while delivering her 14th child. Shahjahan had 2 more wives, he married again after her death. Lets come to Lord Ram and Mother Sita. Lord Ram and Mother Sita married of their free will, and after Mother Sita went inside the Earth, Lord Ram also gave up for Holy abode.
  2. Taj Mahal was built out of the expenses of the state treasury. the Ram Sethu was built by monkeys, bears and squirrels in a voluntary manner.
  3. Lord Ram after defeating Ravana, made his brother the king. He had invaded Sri Lanka to free his wife(after taking so many hardships) not to occupy a foreign territory.
  4. Shahjahan cut off the fingers the architect of Taj Mahal after completion. But the architects of Ram Sethu (Naal and Neel) were honored and never harmed.

Hence, it is high time we teach ourselves first and then our children that the symbol of love is Ram Sethu, not Taj Mahal.

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