Marxists are Anti-Science-P1

The Marxists once in power at Soviet, had all sorts of problem with Einstein. The ideas and theories of Einstein appeared anti-Marxism to them for non confirmatory to dialectic-materialism (Einstein and Soviet Ideology, p. 18-19). Lenin's "Materialism and empirio-criticism" had become tool to judge science and pass censorship regarding what is "Science". A.K.Timiriazev & A.A.Maksimov Timiriazev were the most influential scientist in the Communist Academy of the Social Sciences. They were most active member of the editorial board of the Marxist theoretical journal, "Under the Banner of Marxism." Timiriazev, found Einstein’s theories falling “far below the norm” and required "strict verification". Lenin goes on to write in "On the Significance of Militant Materialism" that Timiriazev’s article on Einstein made Lenin hopeful that the modern natural scientists will defend and preach against the idealism and skepticism.