Vibrant Manipur – Immersed in Shades of Culture and Tradition

Manipur, the land of jewels can proudly boast of its natural beauty as well as it’s diverse and rich cultural heritage. The Manipuris, from a linguistic point of view, are divided into two groups - the Meiteis and the Bishnupriyas. The language of the Meitis is of Tibeto-Burman group while that of the Bishnupriyas is of the Indic group. Although Meitei is the official language of Manipur, Bishnupriya Manipuri people have their own language, and belongs to the Eastern group of the family and is written in the Bengali–Assamese script, and though it is close to Bengali and Assamese, it is a distinct language.

Vignettes from Arunachal

This land with its rich and varied biotic environment baffles one with its sheer diversity. Wrapped in its myths and legends are messages of conservation posterity would do well to take hints from. To immerse oneself in its emerald depths, a quote from Emerson could provide the clue — Let us be silent so that we may hear the whispers.

Nartiang Durga Temple, Meghalaya

Nartiang Durga Temple is a 600-year-old Durga Temple located in West Jaintia Hills in Meghalaya. The Shakti of Nartiang Devi shrine is worshipped as Jayanti or Jainteshwari