Everyone wants to remember their special day. While friends and family are armed with phones to capture the events, a wedding photographer creates special and lasting memories that can be passed on from generation to generation.

What Is Wedding Photography? 

You may be wondering what is special about wedding photography. Why is a wedding photographer different from any other photographer? Well, like many jobs, most photographers specialize in a particular style. Everyone needs to understand lighting and composition and have a detailed description. Eye. But wedding photographers have skills that go beyond art. You also need strong customer service and a knowledge of human nature.

Communication is key to making sure the customer gets exactly what they want. Unlike photographers who specialize in studio portraits or landscape photography, wedding photographers only have one chance to capture some of the key moments while also working tight and specific hours and coordinating with other providers like catering, civil servants, and makeup artists Be as discreet as possible, not interrupt any special moments, while making sure that, according to Stephanie Williams, wedding photographer and NYIP graduate, wedding photographers should know “when to be a photojournalist, product photographer, or portrait photographer.It can be a fast-paced, highpressure job, but what you do can lead to a rewarding and fulfilling career.

Why Take a Wedding Photography course?

You might be into photography already, but a NYIP wedding photography course can help you develop the skills you need for your career to give you confidence and references. Your courses cover the basics of photography like lighting, poses, and gear, but you will also cover key moments, wedding trends, and culturally diverse customs. Williams also believes that the best way to learn is to tutor leading wedding photographers.

This is why NYIP has professional wedding photographers as mentors so you can also learn how to build a portfolio, create prize packages, and market and apply for a competitive advantage in a thriving field. Upon successful completion of the course, you are entitled to the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) certification, which further enhances your résumé.

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