Did Khan Jr. make the above statement? If so, what does it really say about him and his generation and the anti-Hindu Bollywood kaum as a whole?

How is Muslim Elitism working against Hindu Kafirs?

Again, this is not a new issue. Just like there are divisions within Islamic society, the fault lines of Ashraf-Ajlaf and Arzal (untouchable Muslims) which separate the haves and the have-nots, Bollywood and endemic talentless nepotism comprise of Muslim elitism which looks down upon the Kafir praja, while at the same time hoping to convert the Kafirs by whatever means – denigrating Hindu culture and also by supporting only other, Muslim actors within and outside of Bharat.

Second Class Citizens, Not having Equal Rights

Khan Jr.’s statements have a tinge of truth but at the same time it uplifts the purdah of Ganga-Jumana Tehzeb where fake equality is peddled under Ishvar-Allah being one and the same. Anyone with half a brain knows this is not the truth as members of the Palacefuls first identify kafirs as less than, and this narrative sets the stage for obliteration of Hindus.

Junior might just be spilling his heart out to those who are investigating him. He’s even allegedly mentioned that he has to take appointments to spend time with his father. Regardless of whether this is true or not, the fact remains that Junior thinks of himself as being above the fray, above the crowd, and far from being a common man. He self-identifies as an elite and if the bidi statement is indeed made by him it speaks volumes of what he and those like him (or at least those partying with him) think of ordinary, Hindu Indians.

The statement (if made) shows that poor people smoke bidis and the rich party with “foreign” produced drugs. Foreign here is in quotes as a $hithole country producing opium outside of India is still considered to be “foreign” by nature, and somehow superior to India.

The bidi smoking Hindus who flock to theaters are not quite seen as having the same standing as those who snort up white powders. Why? Because of imperial hangovers and western education…errr brainwashing.

The Self-Appointed Gutter Elites Of Rotting Bollywood Want To Make Money Off A Group Of People Whom They Constantly Denigrate

Khan Jr. attended or at least paid tuition for attending a University in California which is well-known for many things. Having been educated in west, he doesn’t seem to have paid any attention to diversity and inclusion classes. Though there is no way for us to know if he actually attended classes or not; I am not making a statement either way nor questioning his dedication as a student. I am however trying to argue that having spent years in the U.S. did not humble him much about the plight of the poor or even pretending to be politically savvy about the situation he’s put-found himself in.

Communalism by Bollywood

Khan Jr. just happens to be in the news at the moment. Bollywood has been spreading Hindu-hatred for decades now though the Pandemic has tad slowed down the trash being produced. Idiot ‘actors’ are busy holding placards and taking stances on ill-informed policy issues and making themselves rightful targets by trolls and netizens.

It is time that Hindus realize their Kafir labeling and stop supporting the clowns of Bollywood. Khan jr. is just the tip of the vicious iceberg. His seemingly innocent statement however does make one wonder about the heap of trash which constitutes communal, anti-Hindu Bollywood.

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